An array of award-winning chefs and Michelin Star holders from Europe and South America, top European bartenders and an artistically converted Moscovian penthouse.

This March. For four weeks.

Please enter DOOR 19.


DOOR 19 is a pop-up project curated by the ArtKvartal team – with inspiration from ventures in London, Barcelona, Berlin and New York.

As true foodies know, one can stumble across the most succulent of snacks in the most unlikely of places – finding the experimental projects situated anywhere from abandoned factories to former Catholic churches.

But the experience doesn’t end there.


Boundaries between gastronomy, design, music, art, demographics, artists and guests will soon be erased. Your palate is paramount, yes, but who doesn’t want to feast upon great food whilst your eyes feast themselves upon something just as lively and engaging.

 Creating an adventure, and one you can embark on with a cocktail in hand, DOOR 19 at ArtHouse will be an intense and complex experience full of innovative ideas, light installations and damn good food.

Expect to experience masters at work: Italian Gaetano Simonato, Spaniard Paco Morales, French Guillaume Monjure, Danish Timm VladimirRonni Mortensen, Argentinian Sebastián Mazzola, Belgian Nicolas Darnauguilhem and Greek Nikos Karathanos.

Chefs works in pairs, demonstrating their culinary skills of high calibre and in turn producing four dishes during the week and a previously devised two course menu.


Moscow 2

Moscow 1

DOOR 19 is located in ArtHouse on the Serebryanicheskaya embankment.

The vision is to create “Moscow Williamsburg”: a creative, lively and attractive hub of restaurants, galleries and colourful cultural projects, in turn bringing life to the quiet semi-industrial area. ArtHouse is currently the most active phase of the project as well as being named one of the most beautiful buildings in the district. 

This starts with DOOR 19, Moscow, March 2014.

m.Kitay Town, Serebryanicheskaya Embankment 19, Moscow, Russia, 109028






Like most notable chefs Timm Vladimir started young, acquiring a passion for cooking as a little boy, living in Copenhagen. And he has never stopped. On his remarkable resume you find a host of household names, including a recent winning-service done at the Parisian Pierre Gagnaire.

He has cooked parts of the 2011 Bocuse d’Or Gold Medalist winning menu as well as frequenting the Michelin kitchen of Restaurant AOC whenever he is in pursuit of new techniques and inspiration.

However, Timm Vladimir is what you’ll call a man of many talents.

Aside from cooking, he is a trained actor and, in Denmark, a very well known figure. He has, in the past, set aside a decade to the famous comedy duo Timm & Gordon which received mounds of success amongst Nordic fans. Being the beloved celebrity that he is, Timm also often appears on the stage as a host for National Danish Television events.


Other more chef-related television performances saw him become the only Double Masterchef by monopolising the Masterchef All Stars competition in 2013 and starring in “The Wildest Meal”, a TV-show where he prepared wild game over an open fire in the wilderness of South Africa. This is a guy you want at your dinner party.

Failing this, you can find him at DOOR 19 at this year’s must-visit pop-up project to which Timm Vladimir brings a little of his own experience. In 2012 he opened a pop-up restaurant in Copenhagen Airport in connection with Copenhagen Cooking.

His frying, dicing, grilling and sizzling is packed full of passion for pleasure. He has even set up an increasingly popular cooking school, “Timm Vladimir’s Kitchen”– an intimate, stylish kitchen in a Central Copenhagen subway station which offers private and company cooking classes.

Timm Vladimir’s cooking can be experienced at DOOR 19, March 6-12th, cooking alongside Italian Chef Gaetano Simonato.

For more information on his culinary world, click here.






Sebastián Mazzola is an insanely talented chef, a master of techniques and flavours, as only a few are.

He is the architect behind the menus at what, among foodies across the globe, is considered one of the most mind-blowing dining experiences: the 41º Experience in Barcelona.

Up until January 2014 Sebastián was the creative director of the booming Adrià-organization, also creating the menus at Japanese/Peruvian-restaurant Pakta.

However, he has now set out on his own quest for flourishing flavours.


Starting out at the tender age of 15 in his grandmother’s Argentinean kitchen, Sebastián has since trekked the long road from the depths of South America to the high peaks of Spanish avant-garde cuisine, with detours as a road-kill cook in Patagonia, a banquet master in Florida.

Add to this a badass cook quest in the finest kitchens of Copenhagen and as a pasta prodigy in Playa del Carmen along the way.

At the age of 30 he has already seen more than most chefs do in a lifetime. He is constantly on the edge; creating new foods and forms.


Sebastian in kitchen


Albert Adrià explained in a recent article:

“Sebastián has the same importance for me as I had for my brother [at elBulli]. Ferran was once Guardiola and I was Messi,” said Albert, reverting to the age-old Catalan tradition of using the FC Barcelona soccer team as metaphor for everything in life. “Now he is my Messi. Everything goes through him.”

Independent, unconventional and on a mission: Cooking the world. He is the full-blooded talent that shows you that a star chef doesn’t need a conventional restaurant or Michelin accolade to be star.

A globetrotting, hyper-talented amorphous cook, as comfortable working with pastry, as grilling caveman steaks, as cold-smoking sprouts with a vaporizer.

Sebastián Mazzola can be experienced at DOOR 19, March 13-19th, cooking alongside Greek Chef Karathanos Nikolaos.

For more information on his culinary world, click here.






Since beginning his time with one of the most prestigious hotels in Denmark, Hotel D’Angleterre, Ronni Mortensen has continued in his quest to work alongside greatness, and strive for greatness himself.

Between the years of 2004-2006 he began creating his name within the restaurant world at Michelin-awarded Søllerød Kro, just north of Copenhagen.

He later moved onto the now 2-starred Michelin restaurant Geranium where Ronni also worked as assistant to the 2011 “world’s best chef” Rasmus Kofoed, winner of Bocuse d’Or, helping him to gain the Bocuse silver statue in 2007.

Furthermore, Ronni Mortensen holds no less than 7 gold medals won at the Culinary Olympics with the Danish Culinary Team.



Ronni Mortensen with Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in South Korea. 


Undoubtably taking with him a skill set of a master chef, Ronni has since taken hold of Copenhagen, Europe’s most up and coming food spot of the decade, and grasped it with both hands. On his list of residencies is also Kokkeriet, but primarily, Restaurant AOC where he was Assistant Head Chef for three years alongside Ronny Emborg. Both restaurants with Michelin-accolade.

After leaving a Head Chef position at Copenhagen’s jet set Restaurant Congo last year, going on a culinary quest, Ronni Mortensen has recently taken the Head Chef position at the popular and Bib Gourmand-awarded gastro-tavern Marv & Ben.

Now also taking part in the exciting DOOR 19 project in Moscow, with his existing knowledge of the city’s food scene having cooked at Maison Dellos in Summer 2012.

Watch this video for insights on this trip.

Competition Merits:

Winner of Young Chef Denmark 2005 – Member of The Danish Culinary Team 2007-10 – Silver at Bocuse d’Or 2007 with Rasmus Kofoed – 2nd place at Bocuse d’Or Europe 2008 with Jasper Kure – 4th place at Bocuse d’Or 2009 with Jasper Kure – Nominated for “Dish of the Year” in Denmark 2013.

Ronni Mortensen’s excellence can be experienced at DOOR 19, March 20-27th, cooking alongside Belgium Chef Monjure Guillaume Georges.



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