First he won bronze. Then silver. And finally, in 2011, he received the golden statue, the proof that he was the winner of Bocuse d’Or and thereby the title “the world’s best chef”.

In 2013, Rasmus Kofoed received his second Michelin star within only two years at Restaurant Geranium in the corner of Copenhagen’s national stadium.

High rising. Second to none.


Geranium is a 1st. class Nordic luxury restaurant practicing minimalistic cooking. The restaurant has quickly grown a reputation for its inventive and highly intuitive culinary approach through its aim to explore the area of tension between the urbane and the natural with dishes of amazing delicacy.

Kofoed has undertaken to create meals that involve all the diner’s senses, as well as to challenge perceptions through his cooking.

Among the ingredients on Geranium’s tasting menu, ceps, heather, sheep butter, dried leaves and pine needles contribute to this Nordic experience of terroir cooking at its finest.

The restaurant was awarded The Nordic Prize 2013 as best restaurant.


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Rasmus Kofoed exclusively offers his gastronomic excellence for lectures, food festivals, consultancy, private dining and exclusive dinner parties.

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“It was a stunning four-hour symphony, a perfect synergy of technical mastery, refined hospitality and soulful creativity. Above all, you feel an extraordinary sense of control in the restaurant–control of the gorgeous space and its generous allocation, control of the wine and its pitch-perfect partnering, and, most importantly, control of the massive force being condensed down into every bite. Stunning.”

Matt Goulding, New York Times Bestselling Food Writer