Bon Vivant is a global gastro embassy specialising in culinary diplomacy, mind-blowing dinner parties, cultural marketing, filmmaking and entrepreneurism. Our core expertise is brand and talent management as well as public relations of gourmet restaurants and star chefs, but also pristine wineries, châteaux, award shows and food festivals.

Daily serving partnerships in amongst others; Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Frankfurt, Münich, Rotterdam, Wittem, London, Barcelona, Algarve, Vienna, Tbilisi, Dubai, Yerevan, Bangkok, New York City, Los Angeles, Manila, New Zealand and the Maldives.

As creator numerous projects within food, wine, adventure travelling, culinary filmmaking and social networking, the embassy works closely with various culinary organisations, gourmet festivals, symposiums and opinion makers, as well as speaking to a strong network of 600+ journalists, bloggers and writers, and more than 6000 global diners around the world.

Together, the mission is to fuse fine dining with leisure, luxury and adventure travel while also using our global expertise to help emerging culinary markets grow in a way that takes full advantage of this golden age of gastronomy.

Bon Vivant is based in Barcelona, Tbilisi and Copenhagen, but reaches the world.

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