Michelin Stars – Tales from the Kitchen

Director: Rasmus Dinensen Producer: Jesper Jarl Becker Culinary Producer: Kristian Brask Thomsen Year: 2017

Michelin Stars – Tales From The Kitchen is a grand documentary, filmed over a two-year period and follows the lives, views and everyday of a long and diverse range of star chefs, global diners, food writers and Michelin management across the world: from New York City to Copenhagen, from San Sebastián to Tokyo.

At a moment in time, when humanity is obsessed with food – photographing every dish, worshipping cooks and flaunting trophy meals on social media the documentary goes under the surface and offers an in-depth, honest and relevant view into the world and every day of Michelin chefs and restaurants.

Telling tales from a grand menu of culinary temples as well as digging into the greatness and flaws of Guide Michelin in this golden age of gastronomy.

With grand chefs such as Alain DucasseDaniel HummRené RedzepiAndoni AdurizYoshimi NarisawaVictor ArquinzonizGuy Savoy and many more, the head production team of three Danes; Director Rasmus Dinesen, Producer Jesper Jarl Becker and Culinary Producer Kristian Brask Thomsen sets the gastronomy bar at the highest level possible.

This while also managing to illustrate a dark flipside of the shiny coin in creating utter culinary excellence; in search of a realistic understanding of life behind the often airbrushed scenes of what is arguably the most dynamic and creative industry in the world.

Michelin Stars – Tales From The Kitchen was featured as the prestigious opening film of the Culinary Zinema: Film and Gastronomy Section at the 65th edition of the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

Michelin Stars II – Nordic by Nature

Director: Rasmus Dinensen Producer: Jesper Jarl Becker Culinary Producer: Kristian Brask Thomsen Year: 2021

Michelin Stars II – Nordic By Nature is a greater culinary documentary filmed over an 18-months period, that follows the equally endearing and brutal destiny and everyday life of the Faroe Islands, and its culinary pearl, KOKS helmed by chef Poul Andrias Ziska.

The film is created by director Rasmus Dinesen, culinary producer Kristian Brask Thomsen and producer Jesper Jarl Becker, and follows the daily life of KOKS as it again opens up after a global quarantine with 90% of all guests used to be gastro tourists, as well as the small Faroese producers.

The world was in a state of shock, all the sudden on pause, reflecting and finding back to core values – what is important; the near, the pure, the pristine, love, nature, local communities and true commitment to your nearest.

This isn’t a new thing to KOKS; a two Michelin-starred restaurant situated in a low ceiling farmhouse with grass on the roof, at the corner of luscious green fields surrounded by rolling hills at a tiny island inside the isolated Faroe-archipelagos in the middle of the Nordic Seas.

Everything sourced, cooked and enjoyed at KOKS comes from the terrain of and waters inside and surrounding the Faroe Islands. From in the deep blue with scallop divers, over foragers who risk their lives harvesting seagulls eggs from nests at the very edges of hazardous cliffs, to what traditions, history and distinctive ancient practices lie beneath each dish and ingredient, pilot whales included.

The Faroe Islands is a microcosmos of exciting products, Nordic history, viking tales, 37 words for fog, more sheep than people, ravishing waterfalls, eccentric personalities, a native tongue only spoken by some 50,000 – and then they have the culinary pearl, KOKS.

Michelin Stars II – Nordic By Nature goes deep into the details of the process of a very local community and presents this in an honest, enjoyable, quirky and entertaining way to a global audience. It was premiered at the 69th edition of San Sebastián International Film Festival.

Besides greater film productions Bon Vivant Communications also produce or co-produce short films on behalf of star chefs, restaurants, hotels and resorts or organisations that the culinary diplomacy serves around the world.

Jordnær – A Love Story

A former gang enforcer found the right path in life through unconditional love toward his wife and gastronomy and created a two Michelin-starred restaurant within 3 years in a humble 3-starred hotel with 6 kids to look after. It’s pure talent and dedication. It’s a drama and a fairytale. It’s a love story.

Restaurant AOC – Copenhagen

Modern gastronomy and wine with origins in carefully selected local produce served at a high vaulted, two-starred Michelin cellar in a mansion from the 17th century located in the heart of Copenhagen.

David Muñoz & Matthew Lightner Dinner

David Muñoz of 3* Michelin DiverXO travelled from Madrid to cook a collaboration dinner with Matthew Lightner at 2* Michelin Atera in New York.

Solaire Resort & Casino Manila 10th Anniversary

Five very different star chefs from around the world travelled to the Philippine capital and cook their mastery to celebrate the grand Manila entertainment mecca’s 10th anniversary on with bravour, shows, fireworks, gambling, fine wines and spirits, and musical appearance by amongst others, Sting.