Chef, Actor, Globetrotter and Double Masterchef from Copenhagen.

Timm Vladimir has been in love with cooking since he was a boy, and his passion for exploring flavours and innovative techniques in preparing food has only grown since, having cooked all his life.

Besides this, he is national darling in Denmark, beloved for his part in the decade comedy duo Timm & Gordon, touring Scandinavia with more than 200 shows along with a weekly prime time leading appearance on Danish National Television.

As a natural result of Timm Vladimir’s long life cooking, he became the first Danish winner of the international television programme Masterchef, where he made a name for himself as a serious amateur chef with the potential to go further.

Since then he has established the food blog and starred in “The Wildest Meal” – a series of television program where he prepared wild game over open fire in the wilderness of South Africa.

He opened his first pop-up restaurant in Copenhagen Airport in connection with Copenhagen Cooking 2012 along with three full-blooded star chefs, among those New York/Copenhagen-based Adam Aamann and two Danish Michelin Chefs.

In addition Timm Vladimir created the highly popular cooking school Timm Vladimir’s Kitchen – a culinary hot spot that offers private and companies cooking classes in a intimate stylish kitchen, build in a subway station in Central Copenhagen.  

He states his food as not necessarily being complicated, but with a passionate heart beating for pure flavours and tastiness. Truth being he already has shown his culinary skills surpassing tecniques of many educated chefs.


Cooking pop up in the heart of Copenhagen International Airport

Among numerous TV-apperances, Timm Vladimir has hosted both the Danish and Scandinavian Grammy Awards, been a talkshow anchorman, starred travelling programs and often served as a celebrity chef at food festivals, – frequently portrayed in the Danish culinary media.

He has done service at various Michelin restaurants,- there among the 3-starred Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, as well as having cooked parts of 2011 Bocuse d’Or Gold Medalist Rasmus Kofoed’s winner menu.

In October 2013, Timm Vladimir became the only Double Masterchef by winning Masterchef All Stars.

Timm Vladimir exclusively offers his gastronomic excellence for lectures, food festivals, consultancy, private dining and exclusive dinner parties.

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Service at Michelin Restaurant AOC




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