Copenhagen is worldwide-known for its top gastronomy with places such as Noma, home of René Redzepi and the cradle of New Nordic Cuisine – Bocuse d’Or winner Rasmus Kofoed’s Geranium, and AOC – domaine of the young gourmet wizard Ronny Emborg.

To us these three restaurants represent the most innovative, progressive, adventurous and diverse top cuisines of Copenhagen, and therefore also the three pivotal points of The Dinner Party 23 – Dining Impossible 2 “Copenhagen Top 3”.

3 days – 3 top restaurants – 1 great dinner party.

Tuesday, November 6th – Wednesday, November 7th – Thursday, November 8th.

16 notabilities only.



Tuesday, November 6th.

Chapter 1 – The Champion

Geranium is a 1st. class Nordic luxury restaurant practicing minimalistic cooking. What sets it apart from many others, is the tremendous skill of Nordic Star Chef and 2011 Bocuse d’Or Champion Rasmus Kofoed. The restaurant has quickly grown a reputation for its inventive and highly intuitive culinary approach through its aim to explore the area of tension between the urbane and the natural with dishes of amazing delicacy.

Rasmus Kofoed is admired throughout the world for his iron will and winner instict, that has brought him to the absolute top of the culinary world as an individual – not only winning the Bocuse d’Or, but also the only one in the world to possess also silver and bronze Bocuse d’Or-statues, all situated in the kitchen of Geranium.

This evening we’ll experience the cuisine of a Champion – offering Champagne, 20+ servings de luxe, an exclusive wine menu, mineral water, gourmet coffee/tea, delicious petit fours and avecs just in front of the luxurious kitchen as the only guests in the restaurant, that’s situated on the top floor of Denmark’s National Stadium.

Included a tour through the open kitchen by Rasmus Kofoed.


“It’s hard to see that they can do better – but surely they’ll find a way. We’ll see – so far we are satisfied with perfection!”

– Jesper Uhrup Jensen, Editor-in-Chief, Gastro.

Wednesday, November 7th.

Chapter 2 – The Wizard

Featuring Nordic Star Chéf Ronny Emborg (previously elBulli and Mugaritz) – perhaps the most travelling Danish star chef – this year allready guest starred The World Gourmet Summit in Singapore, St. Moritz Gourmet Festival, Omnivore Food Festival Paris, The San Pellegrino Sapori Ticino in Lugano, at Maison Dellos in Moscow and the Wachau Gourmet Festival of Austria, just to name some.

His unconventional way of staging molecular, new nordic and nouvelle cuisine in one also quickly earned him the Michelin Guide’s accolade of one star within only one year. Always with base in the absolute best regional products and presented in a both avant-garde and razor-sharp manner that challenges one’s visual perception of food.

Along with Sommelier Restaurateur Christian Aarø Mortensen (both Danish and Nordic Sommelier Champion) we’ll experience delicious Champagne, a 20+ gourmet servings with a 10 glass connaisseur wine menu, mineral water, gourmet coffee/tea, delicious petit fours and avecs in the vaulted 17th century cellar in the heart of Copenhagen.

Included a private guided tour of the open kitchen of AOC by Ronny Emborg.


“Each new dish has you grasping for the right taxonomy: “It’s modernist!”, “it’s techno-emotional!”, “it’s neomolecularsensorynordic!” “it’s… it’s”. But it doesn’t need some lazy shorthand description; it just needs to be tasted.”

– Matt Goulding, New York Times best-selling food writer.

Thursday, November 8th.

Chapter 3 – The Guru (Finale)

Voted The World’s Best Restaurant three years in a row – holding the title.

Noma’s innovative, inventive and – of course – ground-breaking approach to cooking has created a maelstrom in the culinary world. The restaurant, for example, has taken the tired old concept of the amuse bouche and turned it into a dazzling array of one-bite starters that are alone worth the air fare to Denmark.

Through the use of innovative cooking methods, René Redzepi’s former warehouse on the dockside has changed diners’ perceptions of Nordic cuisine. It is a restaurant of extraordinary pedigree, where passion and honesty is reflected in every mouthful.

This evening featuring the world renown staff of Noma at this international highest acclaimed restaurant – offering Champagne, 20+ new nordic servings de luxe, a connaisseur wine menu, mineral water, gourmet coffee/tea, delicious petit fours and avecs in a Nordic decorated private dining room with a full view of  the Copenhagen Harbour.

Furthermore, as a cherry on the top, a private guided tour of the 1. floor kitchen and “battle station” of Noma – situated just next to our private dining room.


“Noma changed my life”.

– The Food Snob



As always the guest list remains a secret to the public and will only be shared in details among the participants. Menu and wines will be served découverte, meaning presented and discovered on the night of the dinner parties as a part of a full-blown Nordic storytelling. Written menus and wine selections are presented after the dinners.

Every night the opportunity of a cosy after party is offered at different exclusive spots.

Should favourable hotel deals be needed in Copenhagen, we’re more than happy to help.

Price per cover is € 1500,00 including all. Please contact Kristian Brask Thomsen at email address socialconnector@gmail.com for further information.

Thank you.


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