20 years ago, the typical food connoisseur traveled to France to find the latest culinary sensations. Today, food enthusiasts jet around the world seeking out the latest hot spots of internationally acclaimed chefs.

Over the past few years a subtle shift has taken place, a kind of ripple effect, that has intertwined European with American cuisines, European with Asian, Asian with American – making it impossible to conceive of one type of cuisine, to truly understand it and inspire its evolution, without considering the others. Influences today, now more then ever, are impossible to unravel.

Omnivore was the first to emphasize the importance of this phenomenon. 2006 marked the first ever Omnivore Food Festival and since this debut, Omnivore has not stopped bringing its message to the world. Chefs from Italy, England, Spain, America, Japan, and most recently Scandinavia have traveled to the heart of France to share their own unique and creative approaches to cooking.

Since 2009, Omnivore has accelerated this culinary movement of exchange with the advent of Omnivore New York, which unites European chefs with their outer-Atlantic compatriots. In April of 2010, Omnivore took on Russia through its creation of the first culinary festival to hit Moscow. Omnivore Moscow brought together several hundred chefs and impassioned foodies to celebrate innovative cuisine in the Russian Capital.

Inspired by the rich experiences and striking success of these two events, Omnivore will take its mission to a whole new level in 2012 by creating a worldwide culinary tour. OMNIVORE WORLD TOUR, through twelve events, will assemble an exceptional community of chefs, industry members, and passionate food lovers across the globe.

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