Without another further notice nor Instagram-serialised long stretch promises on a 2.0 restaurant then Michelin-awarded “Danish Restaurant of The Year 2016/17” CLOU has moved location overnight. From the 5-year resided dining rooms of Borgergade in Inner Copenhagen to a rather spectacular setting close to the National Gallery of Art and the lakes of the famous capital.


Chef Owner Jonathan Berntsen explains:

“When we opened CLOU in 2012 it was to make a difference on the Danish culinary scene – something else than Nordic. That happened quickly and we’re very proud of what we have achieved – with many happy and returning guests, accolades, stars and prizes.”

“It’s been both fun and very educational to have a restaurant constantly evolving and I believe we’ve made it better each and every day. But we have also reached a point where the ceiling isn’t high enough to fully embrace the developed knowhow and gained ambitions created throughout the past 5 years. A change is needed in order to grow – in every way.”

Chefs Table at Brooklyn Fare showed the way and moved their super coveted 3*Michelin restaurant from Brooklyn to Midtown more or less overnight. Statement: Don’t make too much fuss about things. Just do it. I’m a chef – not a pop star that needs to tease, please or whatever in a round circle social media promotion in order to get things done.”

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Jonathan Berntsen believes he has found the perfect spot to continue and further enhance CLOU’s culinary journey at the bourgeois-bohemian part of Østerbro Quarter, a javelin throw from the beloved Lakes of Copenhagen.

He has spent substantial time on finding the best possible staff, that along with his longtime kitchen partner Martin Gottlieb Sørensen will host guests with an even more personal signature experience than up to now.



CLOU is a very personal restaurant that desires to make its guests feel at home. To this, the personal touch is important. From own art on the walls, to grand parents’ silverware on the beautiful setted tables.

The food and wine combinations have been key at restaurant since the beginning. In fact that is what’s most important at CLOU. Highly unusually the starting point is the wine, and then chefs match the food.

Even more unusual; in Copenhagen – the cradle of Nordic Cuisine – CLOU is a local top restaurant with cooking inspired by Southern European Cuisine.

Chef Berntsen is taught in France and techniques used at Clou are mostly of French, Italian and Spanish origin, though the restaurant also takes great pride in using the best of Danish produce in its cooking, being very oriented to the outstanding fresh sea produce of the Danish region.

Amongst pleased food critics CLOU is in general described as a restaurant being “classic with an unusual, extraordinary twist”.

The new restaurant location will seat 20 guests only for a formidable 20+ servings set menu paired with cult wines par excellence in taking the allround CLOU-experience up to the next level.

Clou has since 2013 received four 1-star ratings from Guide Michelin.


Øster Farimagsgade 8
København Ø.
+45 36 16 30 00

Opening Hours : Tuesday – Saturday, Dinner Service Only.

In case of interest or/and press please reach out to Kristian Brask Thomsen at


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