Igor Grishechkin, without a doubt, is one of those young Chefs who are “mad” with idea of Russian cuisine reconstruction.

Brave novator and thoughtful cook, he started on a different pole – majored in “Social and cultural activity management”, went to the army and tried a lot of professions. Until one moment he realized it is important to not only earn money, but to find a whole life’s profession, for it to become the main. The choice was obvious – Igor was fond of cooking and creating since childhood.

Completing cooking courses in native Smolensk, he moved to Moscow to study the art of culinary – Italian classic and unusual manner of author’s cuisine from Michele Brogioni in “Casta Diva”, French cuisine experience from Ilya Shalev in “Remi” and “Ragout”, was head Chef in “Blogistan” restaurant.

Next he moved to St Petersburg, where started in gastronomic living room “LavkaLavka”, after which became head of “Cococo” restaurant, one of the first restaurants in Russia to work exclusively with local producers of North-West region, became its heart and face.

In “Cococo” Igor and his team decided to revive Russian cuisine and culinary traditions, making accent on using seasonal local products. Igor’s gastronomic cuisine is based on mixing modern techniques and traditional for Russian cuisine ingredients.

Making this his main principle, he faced a challenging, but exciting task – to create interesting and memorable dishes from simple products. His undrainable source of inspiration – Russian people culinary traditions, often going close with childhood and old time nostalgia.


Chef Igor Grishechkin exclusively offers his excellence to lectures, food festivals, consultancy and exclusive dinner parties.

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