On behalf of a successful Austrian restaurateur, we’re looking for a skilled Head Chef and future partner for one of the most delightful restaurants in Vienna.

The restaurant has been a success for years, but the restaurateur believes it’s time to create something new from scratch and the vision is all about “sustainability”: the interior, the food, the beverages.

The aim is to serve the highest quality produce prepared in a smart but reduced way, where taste is the most important thing.

The restaurant will have about 90 seats and needs a chef partner who is creative and flexible (when the farmers bring something interesting he/she needs to use the product in an ample way) but also someone who can organise themselves and their team.


The chef partner will not work with a huge army of chefs, but with a small team of dedicated cooks. In addition, the restaurateur isn’t looking for awards, stars and toques – when they come, you’ll enjoy them together.

What he wants for the restaurants is that the guests have a great time while enjoying their food at a reasonable price. This keeps the Viennese coming back for more.

If case of interest, the concept will be explained in detail.

The restaurateur wants the chef to be a longterm trusted partner, who also believes in the quality of produce which is locally sourced. The restaurateur has worked in restaurants for more than 30 years, he loves what he does and loves to work with people who are like-minded.



All financing is secured, meaning that the future chef will find an organisation which tightly monitors the restaurant, ensuring that there will be no monetary lose.

In front of house the restaurateur has already secured a former Restaurant Manager from one of his other restaurants, who previously worked in New York for 2 years, and now also wants to do this project with the restaurateur.

The restaurateur seeks to get in touch with a motivated and talented but internationally trained man/woman who wants to enjoy the beautiful Vienna for years to come.  He/she will also participate in the renovation of the kitchen and the restaurant to include his or her ideas.

Opening is planned for sometime during spring.



The restaurateur points out that he’s looking for a chef partner with a long term commitment who will run the restaurant with the restaurateur’s many years of professional competence.

The future chef partner also needs to have a working permit within the EU.

If of interest, please contact Kristian Brask Thomsen at


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