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Bon Vivant Communications presents The Dinner Party 29 featuring Critics’ Darling Søren Selin in the company of Champion Sommelier Restaurateur Christian Aarø at Restaurant AOC – Aarø & Co. in Copenhagen, Saturday 26th April 2014 from 19.00 – 01.00.

Offering only a limited seating of 16 notabilities at this highly acclaimed 1-starred Michelin restaurant – there will be champagne, a battery of snacks, the grande gourmet menu de luxe with a 10 glass connoisseur wine menu served in a sensuously decorated private dining room around a large oval dining table.

The cherry on top: a private guided tour of the kitchen and “battle station” of the restaurant.

As always the guest list remains a secret to the public and will only be shared in detail among the participants. Menu and wines will be served découverte, meaning presented and discovered on the night of the dinner party.

Should favourable hotel deals in Copenhagen be needed, we’re more than happy to help.

Price per cover is € 400,00.

In case of interest, please contact Kristian Brask Thomsen at for further information.

Thank you.


Among several accolades, AOC was awarded “Dish of The Year” in 2013.



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