Manhattan-based New Nordic Cuisine co-founder Mads Refslund has created an essential cookbook in collaboration with renowned forager Tama Matsouka Wong; Inventive and delicious food, made from what most people throw away, turning wasted food into plenty in SCRAPS, WILTS & WEEDS.

SCRAPS, WILT & WEEDS features 100 recipes by Mads Refslund, one of the initial partners at Noma, the world-renowned Danish restaurant, using local ingredients in a sustainable, no-waste fashion.

Using scraps from vegetables, fruits and animal proteins – food that would normally go to waste – Refslund creates beautiful and accessible recipes for the home cook without sacrificing anything to flavour.

He uses 100% of the ingredient or as close as possible, including potato peels, cauliflower stems, or fish skins, but also ingredients that are passed over as too young, like green strawberries, or too old, like stale bread, wrinkly potatoes or bolted herbs. Mads Refslund makes food trash into culinary treasure.


Clockwise from top left: Mads Refslund considers working with skunk cabbage, a pungent wild green; the forager Tama Matsuoka Wong holds up wild cattails; yellow sorrel looks like clovers and has a distinct lemony flavor; horsetails, picked from the wet ground in Warren County, New Jersey.

From Foraging in New Jersey With a Danish Chef by T Magazine, May 2014.


Refslund shares easy-to-follow recipes like: “Carrot Tops Pesto”, “Roasted Cauliflower Stalks with Mushrooms and Brie”, “Pork Ribs Glazed with Overripe Pear Sauce”, “Crispy Salmon Skin Puffs with Horseradish-Buttermilk Dip”, and “Beer and Bread porridge with Salted Caramel Ice Cream”.

In addition to delicious ingredient-focused recipes, the book contains informational sidebars and stories, insight into the parts of food we often waste, and a section on how to use leftovers, plus 100 beautiful photographs that express Refslund’ passion and respect for ingredients, nature and the land.

The New York Times says:

“The Danish chef Mads Refslund provides plenty of practical advice for using food waste in his new book, “Scraps, Wilt & Weeds.” There are recipes using often discarded items — like cabbage cores, potato skins and carrot tops — as well as tips for making preserved lemons from juiced halves and ways to use overripe fruit.”

“Don’t toss those brewed coffee grounds: Save them to flavour ice creams and custards. The book covers food safety, defines what “sell by” dates really mean and offers guidance on the best leftovers to take home from restaurants. A small section on foraging is included: “Scraps, Wilt & Weeds.”


Scraps, Wilt & Weeds: Turning Wasted Food Into Plenty” by Mads Refslund and Tama Matsuoka Wong (Grand Central Life & Style, $35).

For purchase please view more here.


In case of interest in Mads Refslund, please contact Kristian Brask Thomsen at:


Bon Vivant Communication is a culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

The diplomacy speaks to a strong network of 600 journalists, bloggers and writers, as well as 2500 luxury diners around the globe.

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We’re delighted to inform that Bon Vivant Communications has partnered with RSVP – a global community and booking site specialising in the facilitation of pop up and collaboration dinners around the world.

The creative tech-company has, in a short time, led the way and helped countless chefs, restaurateurs and organisers globally.

RSVP is now used as either their online facilitator for bookings, promotion and suppliers when in foreign parts of the world, or simply as an user-friendly booking site for guests when creating temporary dinner projects at their restaurants, thereby decreasing time wasted and no-shows, as well as minimising loss and increasing profits.


To give but a few examples:

One Star House Party – A team of 6 people are traveling the world, doing 20 pop-ups over the course of 20 months in 20 different cities. They started in the fall of 2016 and will end in summer 2018, and will visit different places from the Himalayas and Bangkok, Mexico City and Buenos Aires to Berlin and Florence.

CLOU – a Copenhagen Michelin-accoladed restaurant, voted as 2016/17 Danish restaurant of the year, opens an 11-day pop up soirée in a jazz club in Tokyo, with RSVP helping to facilitate this cultural fusion project.

La Nave de Sake – Culinary exploration in Cooking in Motions’ beautiful new sake showroom and test kitchen combined. Located in an old warehouse in the up-and-coming El Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona.


In Barcelona? Throughout March Cooking in Motion creates “La Nave de Sake” – a special event where the highly skilled guerilla chef Sebastian Mazzola and sake sommelier Sussie Villarico hosts an Asian-inspired tasting menu for a maximum of 12 guests per night in a stylish warehouse apartment of El Poblenou.


RSVP offers chefs and organisers the space to be creative and perform feats of culinary excellence instead of spending excessive time on taking bookings or pushing papers. It’s not a lack of demand on the market for pop-ups that limits restaurateurs from creating them, but more the slim margins, short time and the trouble of promoting a temporary event effectively.

These are cornerstones of what RSVP aims to improve.

Due to Bon Vivant Communication’s expansion of global interests over the past years – especially the last 3 – well meant instigators have reached out to us with numerous ideas in order to draw on our wide experience of culinary diplomacy, exclusive dinner parties, star chef world tour managements and global networking, and to work with us on various projects; from culinary city guide apps to a profitable Hollywood reality show on Dining Impossible.

We have been extremely careful not to cash in by selling out, but instead have continuously added higher creative value whilst expanding our global reach and striving to achieve excellence within the many projects that our culinary embassy is involved in. How the world views our work 50 years from now is more important to us than money. Imagine Bon Vivant as a Michelin-starred restaurant; there are some things we can do and others we can’t in the pursuit of a perfection which we will hopefully never reach.


In Tokyo? For 11 days in May, Michelin-accoladed Restaurant CLOU of Copenhagen performs culinary excellence a pop up soirée at Super Deluxe Jazz Club in the thrilling Japanese capital.


With RSVP we’ve chosen to commit fully, as we had a similar idea on the drawing board in order to facilitate our own and our partners’ events. But by discovering and using RSVP while witnessing its general progress, we realised it would be wiser – and more prosperous in the long term – to take up the offer of joining forces, rather than being competitors.

CEO and co-founder of RSVP Tiffany Ng states:

“Under Kristian Brask Thomsen’s leadership, Bon Vivant has gained a reputation for excellence and quality in bringing about global gastronomic diplomacy. With one of the most sought-after networks in this field, RSVP looks forward to merging our industry knowledge and utilising our technological capabilities with Bon Vivant to vastly expand and change the future of the pop-up dining industry.”


In a world where chefs, restaurateurs and organisers’ options for online pop up booking platforms are limited to massive sites where their culinary events easily get lost in between rock concerts and baby showers, RSVP instead connects gastro-pop-up events globally as a platform that brings together foodies who seek new immersive food experiences with the organisers who create them.

RSVP not only profiles your events directly to your potential guests; it offers a better, cheaper, more customised and flexible solution to organisers than any online platforms out there. It’s needless to say that RSVP comes with our greatest recommendation – so please do take advantage of it.

Read more about the exciting pop-up restaurant company in this recent article with Tiffany Ng in US grand culinary media Honest Cooking, and should you wish to be put in contact with management and see what can be done for you, then feel free to reach out for a direct introduction.


We are your service as needed.


Bon Vivant Communication is a global culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

The diplomacy speaks to a strong network of 600 journalists, bloggers and writers, as well as 2500 luxury diners around the globe.

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Old Town



From March 2017, Bon Vivant Communications creates a – for now – temporary third embassy to the culinary diplomacy, in the center of San Sebastián.

We enter as a task force, assisting with the opening of a trusted star chef’s new restaurant in the world-famous, luscious and heavily Michelin-accoladed Basque part of Northern Spain.

Stay tuned for an announcement on this restaurant due to open late-March.

Besides assisting the opening in the most successful way possible, our mission is to explore, integrate and fully get to understand the DNA of one of the most interesting and celebrated food destinations in the world.

The temporary embassy is open to all pleasure aficionados; San Sebastián-residents as well as out-of-town visitors looking for a watering hole of chin-chins’, civilised conversations, killer dinner parties and occasional table dancing in this dazzling town tucked into the lagoon shores of Bay of Biscay.

We serve Ferrero Rocher.


Feel free to reach out to Kristian Brask Thomsen at


Bon Vivant Communication is a global culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

The diplomacy speaks to a strong network of 600 journalists, bloggers and writers, as well as 2500 luxury diners around the globe.

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AOC is the only two-starred Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen, only succeeded by Geranium that receives three stars for the second time.


Third edition of the Nordic Michelin Guide was released Wednesday in Stockholm, including the announcement that Restaurant AOC again received two Michelin stars of three possible for the third time consecutive.

This makes AOC the only two-starred Michelin-restaurant of Copenhagen, as iconic Noma closes down to create a dazzling new culinary diamond, – and with Geranium for the second time receiving three stars, making the Bocuse-accoladed top floor restaurant the Danish champion within Michelin-regi.


Press here for a closer look of Michelin stars throughout the Danish Kingdom.



Restaurateur Christian Aarø, Chef Owner Søren Selin and the team at AOC are thrilled by being awarded two stars again.

“It was a dream come true the first and second year – it’s a dream come true the third year”, Søren Selin states and continues, “The Nordic Michelin Guide and the many new stars given to our neighbour friends, is a reflection of the unquestioned contribution that the Nordic region adds to global gastronomy”.

Christian Aarø adds:

“It’s wonderful. And congratulations to Geranium for remaining their three stars, to Henne Kirkeby Kro at the Danish countryside for their first second Michelin star, and all the existing as well as new Michelin-starred restaurants of our tiny Kingdom. What a great accomplishment!”



The 2017 guide also marks the first time that a restaurant from Faroe Islands has been included: KOKS, where chef Leif Sørensen uses indigenous island ingredients along with traditional techniques such as smoking and salting.

In other notable inclusions, Magnus Nilsson’s Fäviken Magasinet in remote Sweden and Maaemo in Oslo both maintained their respective two- and three-star ratings. No new restaurants snagged that coveted third star this year.

New two-starred Michelin entry of the Nordics, along with Henne Kirkeby Kro in Denmark, is Swedish Wolmers in Malmö.


See also: 10 delicious reasons to love AOC.




“This gastronomic experience was artistic, curious and something I want to relive again and again. AOC is special, a place totally worth the expense and something most of us will never get to do. So if you have the opportunity, don’t debate, make a reservation and sit back and enjoy one of the best culinary moments you’ll ever have… Yes it really is that good.”


Christian Aarø Mortensen is the owner and sommelier at one Michelin starred restaurant AOC in Copenhagen. Kalle Bergman caught up with him to talk about the restaurant and how to pair the New Nordic Cuisine with wine.


“The food is a revelation. It can be added to Copenhagen’s best, along with Hans Christian Andersen, its clean air, safety and all those egalitarian, polite folk on pushbikes.”


Follow the culinary adventures of AOC on scene.



In case of interest or/and press, please contact Kristian Brask Thomsen at:


Bon Vivant Communication is a culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

The diplomacy speaks to a strong network of 600 journalists, bloggers and writers, as well as 2500 luxury diners around the globe.

Hungry for more? Have a look at AOC’s website.


Photos by Claes Bech-Poulsen, Signe Birck and Michelin.



Following in the footsteps of Joan Roca, Martin Berasategui and Søren Selin, Diego Muñoz cooks at Latin America’s most exclusive private dining club.


Estudio Millesime by American Express presents Peruvian chef and culinary explorer Diego Muñoz, exclusively cooking for members and guests of their private restaurant situated at the prestigious Hotel St. Regis in México City.

Tuesday, Feb 14th – Wednesday, Feb 15th – Thursday Feb 16th.

In late 2013 the first Estudio Millesime, a gastronomic and sensorial space became a meeting point between companies, their guests and the best chefs in the world, interacting in continuous and various experiences created.

In just three years it has become Latin America’s most famous and exclusive private dining club, attracting socialites, pleasure aficionados and cultural elite from all parts of the continent, last year also having opened a second Estudio Millesime in Panama City in the immensely creative Yoo building.





“Our philosophy is to offer the best luxury and universal cuisine, bring the best chefs and the most extraordinary and attractive products on the market.”

“Under this premise, we have become an essential appointment for the business, creating partnerships between business, gastronomy, mass media and design world at the highest level”, states Manuel Quintanero, Millesime President.

This time, Señor Quintanero offers the demanding palates of México, Peruvian Culinary Explorer Diego Muñoz – widely renown as one of the world’s most talented and creative chefs who flawlessly executes a complex layering of flavours with extreme attention to detail with an innovative and clean style.

D copy


Former Executive Chef at the world renowned Astrid y Gastón in Lima, Peru, where he during four years took the restaurant from #42 to #14 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurant’s List and #2 of Best Latin American Restaurants.

In 2016 Chef Muñoz devoted his time to a world exploration through 20 countries, kitchens and cultures in Europe, South, – Central and North America, Russia, Asia and the Middle East, working with collaborations, exclusive dinner parties, lectures, charities and gastronomic festivals.

On his soon visit Chef Muñoz states:

“The succulent Mexican gastronomy, full of culture expression all over the territory, has always be an inspiration and as well one of my favorite ones. To have the opportunity to go back to Mexico is always a joy and to be able to share my Peruvian gastronomy at Estudio Millesime an amazing privilege.”





What: Diego Muñoz at Estudio Millesime, México City

When: Tuesday, Feb 14th – Wednesday, Feb 15th – Thursday Feb 16th.

Where: St. Regis, St. Paseo de la Reforma 439, México City,

Reservations: See details through RSVP.

For press inquiries please contact Kristian Brask Thomsen at:



Bon Vivant Communication is a culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

The diplomacy speaks to a strong network of 500 journalists, bloggers and writers, as well as 2000+ luxury diners around the globe.


Hungry for more? Have a look at Chef Muñoz’s selected dishes.




Maison Dellos invites Nordic Cuisine co-founder Mads Refslund to cook alongside Chef Andrei Krasov – the talented young chef of Fahrenheit by Maison Dellos in the heart of Moscow.

February 9th, 10st & 11th.


Mads Refslund – originally from Copenhagen, but for 5 years situated in New York City where he has paved the way for Nordic Cuisine in the US, receiving great accolade for his almost supernatural way of thinking food.

A darling amongst food critics – known for his creativity, telling great tales through his playful cuisine with a passion for seafood and vegetables.

Co-founder of four-times voted “Worlds Best Restaurant” NOMA where he was head chef along with René Redzepi. Altogether, Mads Refslund is a frontier of the new culinary language and trends created through “New Nordic Cuisine”.


Noma, Copenhagen, 2004.

Founder of Michelin-restaurants in Copenhagen, – an often used star chef at international food festivals and frequently portrayed in the culinary medias. Recipient of numerous awards for his delicious food. Four times winner of “Critics Choice/Dish of the Year” in Denmark.

The most winning chef when he left the Kingdom.

“Bonding Rawness” is how Mads Refslund explains his philosophy. This idea entails a closer assessment of produce, extending to its quality and freshness, but essentially going beyond that.

Raw materials are visualised and chosen for their intrinsic values and the aim is the highest expression that nature produces. The consequence is a cuisine seeking to sustain ingredients natural and original flavours and not to pollute pure taste with excessive preparation or cooking.

Today “Bonding Rawness has naturally developed into “Fire & Ice” which will be the cooking philosophy of Chef Refslund’s new restaurant in creation in the hip Williamsburg-part of Brooklyn, New York City.


James Corden, host of “The Late Late Show” on CBS, sits at a table in the woods, enjoying a meal prepared by the world-renowned Mads Refslund and discussing Chef Refslund’s planned restaurant in Williamsburg.

(press play)



Fahrenheit is an extraordinarily audacious and creative state-of-the-art project, abundant in cultural and gastronomic events.

The concept of the new venue is based on casual gastronomique – the cuisine which is vibrant and profound, yet simple and easy-to-understand, really ‘casual’ as the name suggest.

Farenheit offers a unique and diverse space. The classic loft style – a combination of concrete, metal and glass – is softened by leather and wooden accents, and a laid-back chat with the restaurant guests in the open kitchen helps the atmosphere of the place come alive.





The chef of the new restaurant is the talented and charming experimentalist Andrei Krasov. The person in charge of the bar is Denis Kryazhev, the winner of Diageo Reserve World Class 2012 and the Bartender of the Year 2013 according to GQ Journal.

This is your chance to experience not only Fahrenheit’s creative Russian cuisine, but also to see how Andrei Krasov works with a kitchen defined by the hyper creative Refslund.

Come taste!




Lima 1

The globetrotting dinner party revisits the culinary capitol of Latin America.

Dining Impossible has been jetting off to different parts of the world, feasting at the greatest restaurants that San Sebastián, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Piedmont, Hong KongChicago and New York City have to offer.

This year, our gastro-passports take us even further afield as Lima for the second time is added into the tantalizing mix of dining destinations, which also means you’re invited to join us in a region of the world that our fun-loving feast yet only have scratched the surface of.

We enter the mouthwatering metropolis in start-March, offering an otherworldly all-round, in-depth gastronomic experience to pleasure aficionados flying in from around the globe.

3 days – 3 of Latin America’s best restaurants – 1 great dinner party.

Thursday, March 9th – Friday, March 10th – Saturday, March 11th

12 notabilities only.




Thursday, March 9th

Chapter 1 – The World’s Best Nikkei


What do you get when you mix the ancient techniques of Japanese cooking with the delicious ingredients from Peru? You get the amazing lovechild known as Nikkei, and at Maido chef Mitsuharu Tsumura is one of the world’s leading representatives of this trend.

Mitsuharu has studied local the cusines in both Peru and Japan, honing his talent before opening his restaurant, Maido, where ingredients of both cultures complement each other like they had been born to be one. Maido welcomes guests to live the genuine Nikkei-experience.

In Japan there are many ways to say “welcome” but none grabs the meaning in a same way as “Maido” does. This word gives the name to the restaurant, but it also resumes the feeling of each customer to feel at home.

This year Maido cracked the list of The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants, ranking #13, not to mention #2 on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurant List.







Tsumura’s Maido is considered the best of its kind in Lima, a city with an intrinsic relationship with Asian cuisine.

The tasting menu, known as Nikkei Experience, is a story that talks about tradition and innovation, where classic Peruvian dishes are reinvented using Japanese ingredients and techniques. From ceviche to chupe de camarones, everything goes through the chef’s playful imagination.

He even gives a Japanese passport to guinea pig, served with harusame cold noodles. Needless to say Chef Tsumura is a master of what he does.

We’ve asked him to go all-in.


“The ultimate dinner party” – Forbes Magazine (2013)


Friday, March 10th

Chapter 2 – The Peruvian Legend


Astrid y Gastón has been leading Peru’s gastronomic surge since its opening 20 years ago, with talented head chef Diego Muñoz at the helm for several years.

Now gastronomes have a new reason to visit the restaurant located in the palatial Casa Moreyra: its founding father, Gastón Acurio, returned to the kitchen in 2015 after several years flying the flag for his country’s cuisine around the world. His extensive tasting menu offers an exploration of the region’s ingredients, traditions and culinary techniques.

Known as The Godfather of Peruvian Cuisine Gastón Acurio has changed the way a whole nation perceives food and empowered a generation of cooks into reviving pride in their cuisine to the extent that it has become a national symbol.

Together with his wife, Gastón Acurio owns restaurants in several countries and is the author of numerous books. In Peru he is the host of his own television program as well as a contributor to magazines.

Astrid y Gastón holds a current ranking of #30 on The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants and #7 of best Latin American restaurants.






Astrid y Gastón coexists with an à la carte bar-restaurant, an experimental herb garden and a development kitchen whose brief extends to education, resonating with the chef-restaurateur’s Pachacútec Culinary School, located in a deprived area of Lima.

The restaurant’s high ceilinged interiors are the epitome of elegant grandeur, the décor minimalist, but the atmosphere never chilly.




After a series of menus based on themed narratives, the latest manifestation, called Región Lima, is designed as a more permanent, though evolving, structure. Every ingredient featured in the 30 or so courses comes from the wider Lima area (and many grown in the restaurant’s garden).

Astrid y Gastón is elegant high-ceilinged grandeur with minimalist décor. The restaurant is set within a brilliant-white 17th century former plantation house.


“The world’s best dinner party” – The Telegraph (2015)


Saturday, March 11th

Chapter 3 – Latin America’s No. 1


We end our second South American adventure in the hands of Virgilio Martinez, who literally takes Peruvian cuisine to an extreme elevation.

“Latin America’s Best Restaurant” takes you through a vertical journey across Peru’s landscape serving native ingredients from different altitudes. A visit at Central takes you through the mountains, the sea, the desert and the jungle, going from 25 meters below to 4,200 meters above sea level.

The restaurant is a celebration of the heritage of the Andes and the diversity of Peru, surprising guests with inventive creations that caters to the belly as well as the eyes. Furthermore the produce comes from the urban garden of the restaurant and the water is filtered and bottled onsite promising the finest purified water.


Central_Dish 2_2015




Central_Dish 3_2015

Expect the unexpected at Central, as you will try both local and well known ingredients as well as elements unknown to native Peruvians like Cushuro, a caviar-like bacteria found only in the mountains after a rainstorm and airampo, a magenta colored member of the cactus family local to the region of the Andes.

Martinez’s Mater Iniciativa research project plays a central role in developing the restaurant’s identity and ideology. The chef, who worked across the world before returning home to open Central in 2009, has led the formation of an interdisciplinary team combining gastronomy with nutrition, history, anthropology, and science.


He and his cohorts regularly travel across Peru to discover and study local ingredients, feeding the extraordinary culinary narrative played out on the plates of the restaurant.

At this internationally highly acclaimed restaurant that diners cross continents to visit, the Mater menu is an initiative of exploration and discovery, in which a multidisciplinary team travels throughout Peru in search of new products and new stories of people. A sample of what makes Peru a diverse country.

Currently Central claims the #4 on The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants 2016 and coveted the #1 of The Best Latin American Restaurants.


“Plenty of people throw good dinner parties; few hosts are so successful they take their soirees around the world.”

– The Wall Street Journal (2014)

Lima 2



Dining Impossible 22 – Lima is the full experience. Besides the extraordinaire dinners, it also includes receptions, selected transports and after parties at exclusive spots with a range of drinks, beverages and canapés.

All dinners include full wine/beer/cocktail menus predetermined with the respectful sommeliers, as well as mineral water, various taxes and gratuity.

As always the guest list remains a secret to the public and will only be shared in detail amongst the participants. Menus and wines will be served découverte, meaning presented and discovered on the night of the dinner parties as a part of the full-blown Peruvian storytelling.

Price per cover is confidential.  Covers be booked through RSVP (press link) with a personal code after contacting Kristian Brask Thomsen for further information at: 

Thank you.



“Billed by Forbes Magazine as “the ultimate dinner party” and by Huffington Post as “the world’s most coveted dinner tickets”; Dining Impossible is a three-day gastronomic bender organized by culinary ambassador Kristian Brask Thomsen.”

– Sydney Morning Herald.


Hungry for more? Read this recent grand feature by VICE Magazine.





It is with great pleasure that we introduce Kamilla Seidler – the once-unlikely champion of Bolivian cuisine who has taken Latin America by storm and was recently announced as “Best Female Chef 2016” of the entire region by The World’s 50 Best Restaurant List.

Just as we instigated, created and managed the pioneering 2016 Diego Muñoz Exploration through 19 countries, in 2017 Bon Vivant Communications has been asked to create an equally exciting four month culinary expedition through various cuisines, continents and cultures around the world in collaboration with Chef Kamilla Seidler. 

The Kamilla Seidler Expedition has already joined forces with exciting short term projects, food festivals and symposiums in Norway, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Russia, the Filipines and up in the Himalayas, and has its kick-off on April 3rd when Chef Seidler will be planting the first flag on the chilly North Sea shores of Scandinavia.


Kamilla Seidler is known in culinary circles for her great passion and social commitment, being part – with the lead of Noma co-founder and culinary entrepreneur Claus Meyer – of a worldwide acclaimed and luscious restaurant creation: Gustu, and a full-scholarship kitchen-school project called Manq´a that provides knowledge, jobs and hope to a generation of youth who would otherwise be facing a very challenging future.
Founded in 2013 by Claus Meyer in close partnership with IFU – Investment Fund for Developing Countries, Restaurant Gustu’s culinary direction has been run by Kamilla Seidler. There, she developed an innovative cooking style based on a deep respect for the local product and a tight relationship with hundreds of native producers.

With dishes like “palm heart with sun-dried alpaca and poached egg yolk” and “lama tartar with elderflower capers and bone marrow cream”, Kamilla Seidler has transposed the Nordic way of thinking food into Bolivian culture over the last five years, and through this has created a profound, unique and delicious culinary DNA.


Born in Copenhagen, known as “The Dane of the Andes” for her commitment with Bolivian native products, a chef that found creativity and became a culinary pivot of a new generation of chefs in the deep heart of South America.

Kamilla Seidler states:

“With this upcoming expedition my hope is to spread the word of how we in Bolivia fight challenges through deliciousness. How we empower a generation of cooks who we believe will encourage their communities and revive pride in their cuisine to the extent that it’ll become a national symbol. We’re not fully there yet but are on the right track, and it all began with Gustu. We do believe that we can change the world through food.”


Kamilla Seidler exclusively offers her gastronomic excellence for lectures, food festivals, consultancy, private dining and exclusive dinner parties.

In case of interest or/and press, please contact Kristian Brask Thomsen at:



Bon Vivant Communication is a culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

The diplomacy speaks to a strong network of 500 journalists, bloggers and writers, as well as 2000+ luxury diners around the globe.


Hungry for more? Then view the Culinary Fact Sheet of Kamilla Seidler.




Executive Chef Owner Matt Lambert invites Italo-Argentinean Star Chef Paulo Airaudo of Amelia in San Sebastián for the sixth edition of the Guest Chef Series at Michelin-starred The Musket Room in New York City.

Monday, February 6th.


The two chefs have previously cooked a delicious joined-menu together at Chef Airaudo former restaurant, the Michelin-accoladed La Bottega in Geneve. Please press this link for photos and situations from that great and fun-loving dinner.

In fact Chef Lambert’s dessert “Pigs Blood & Berries” reached the ten favourite recipes published on The Art of Plating in 2016. View the dish and recipe by following this link.

This is your chance to experience not only Lambert’s translation of the New Zealand cooking into the American surroundings, but to also see how he works with a kitchen defined by the Italo-Argentinean Airaudo, whose style is known to be experimental and earned him a Michelin star within just four months after opening his first restaurant.

Come taste!






Matt Lambert marries his New Zealand heritage with a modern, innovative culinary technique, practiced at The Musket Room where he is the Executive Chef and Co-owner. He has quickly become a rising star in the culinary metropolis, New York City.

Lambert’s cuisine draws inspiration from his Kiwi upbringing, now mixed with his experience of working in some of New York City’s best kitchens and passion for locally sourced produce. Under his leadership, The Musket Room received a highly coveted Michelin Star, just four months after opening.


Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Lambert knew from a young age that he wanted to be a chef. After applying for his first job at age 11 (the chef told him to come back when he was of age), Matt first found himself in a kitchen at 14, washing dishes and getting to know the industry that became his life.

At 16, he was granted an apprenticeship with New Zealand restaurateur Garry Bates, an experience which led to his acceptance into the Culinary Program at Auckland University of Technology. In 1999, Lambert relocated to Wellington, New Zealand, where he worked in various restaurants whilst completing his degree at Whitireia Community Polytechnic.





Paulo Airaudo was born in Argentina to an Italian family, worked professionally across the globe, from Mexico to Peru, in various European countries, and of course also in his beloved Italy. In Europe, he has had the enviable fortune of working in the finest establishments of many capitals, displaying the passionate commitment and professionalism that made him stand out.

Enterprising and resourceful, Paolo loves to experiment with new directions in the kitchen which also is the main focus of his current venture, soon opening a personal signature restaurant in the luscious region of San Sebastián.


This non-stop traveling culinary nomad did not know until late that his fate rested in a kitchen; he studied graphic design before diving into culinary depths of the restaurants in his hometown.

Soon after, he started travelling through Europe and first landed in Spain: Arzak was his first contact with Spanish cuisine, followed by Blumenthal’s elaborated cooking at The Fat Duck outside London, England.

Co-founder of Michelin-accoladed La Bottega in Geneva that he left after two years in order to open the sum of all the culinary knowledge gathered through a decade’s work on three continents, at Amelia Restaurant in San Sebastián.

Opens March 2017.






Who: Matt Lambert (NYC) and Paulo Airaudo (San Sebastián).

When: Monday February 6th 2017.

Where: The Musket Room, 265 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012.

Menu: 6 course collaboration menu for $125 per person.

Seating times: Reservations begin at 6pm until 10pm.

Reservations: (212) 219-0764 or



Bon Vivant Communication is a culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

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Bon Vivant Communications presents The Dinner Party 37 featuring Critics’ Darling Søren Selin in the company of Champion Sommelier Restaurateur Christian Aarø at Restaurant AOC – Aarø & Co. in Copenhagen, Friday February 24th 2017 from 19.00 – 01.00.

Offering a limited seating of 14 notabilities only at this highly acclaimed restaurant, there will be Champagne, a battery of snacks, a grand winter menu de luxe, featuring a substantial selection of new dishes and accompanied by a 10 glass connoisseur wine menu, served in our long time favorite private dining room of the Danish capitol.

The cherry on top: a private guided tour of the kitchen of AOC.




It’s not often you walk into a restaurant with two Michelin stars located in a mansion and find that it smells just like home. But walk through the doors of AOC and the smell of wood smoke and reduced bouillon of Jerusalem artichokes hits you like a double shot of aquavit; a hunger-rousing welcome for anyone who loves good food.

AOC is serious stuff. Ancient arches and low lights and a 17th century cellar shape the dining room into the most elegant basement you’ve ever seen; home of Chef Søren Selin who creates artistic, curious and playful menus while always maintaining a high comfort and yumminess that keeps your palate safe.

Add to this champion sommelier and restaurateur Christian Aarø’s superior knowledge of wines that results in tantalising flights that often embraces both old, young, conservative, edgy, conventional and organic wines in great storytellings for your palate; servers that charmingly walk you through the minutiae of the menu as if they’ve spent a lifetime preparing the dishes themselves – when not cracking jokes with you that is.




AOC is a grand restaurant that allow guests to unfold their personalities throughout the night rather than dragging guests on own ego trips. It’s a great place to throw a dinner party and an experience you want to relive. 

As always the guest list remains a secret to the public and will only be shared in detail among the participants. Menu and wines will be served découverte, meaning presented and discovered on the night of the dinner party.

Price per cover is €500,00 and can be booked through RSVP (press link) with a personal code after contacting Kristian Brask Thomsen at:

Thank you.



AOC is the only restaurant in Copenhagen to be awarded with 2*Michelin.




Bon Vivant Communications is a culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

The diplomacy speaks to a strong network of 500 journalists, bloggers and writers, as well as 2000+ luxury diners around the globe.


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