smørrebrød: [ˈsmɶɐ̯ʌˌbʁœðˀ]

Danish Chef, Author, TV-Host and Restaurateur from Copenhagen. Famous for redefining and modernizing Danish open sandwiches – smørrebrød.

Born in 1974.


Copenhagen is well-known for top gastronomy with places such as Noma, 4-times world’s best restaurant, Bocuse d’Or winner Rasmus Kofoed’s Geranium, and AOC, the desirable dining rooms situated in a vaulted 17th century cellar.

But Adam Aamann’s great success shows that the food revolution of Denmark – and the entire Nordic region – goes far beyond the luxury kitchens even though Aamann’s open sandwiches can easily be described as gourmet.

This is why Aamann received the 2007 “Gastronomic Academy Honorary Award” for his efforts to make open sandwiches into a culinary craftsmanship. His innovative interpretations of Danish food culture inspired a rediscovery of smørrebrød, with several top chefs picking up the tradition.

It has progressed to the point where traditional lunch is one of the most sought-after experiences in Copenhagen. So popular that the Michelin guide now also recommends these lunch restaurants in their prestigious guide.

Adam Aamann was the culinary pick to present the story of Danish food culture at the world exhibition in Shanghai.

Adam Aamann is the host of the Danish national food TV-show “Madmagasinet”, a food consultant to other succesfull restaurateurs, author of several cookbooks, the owner of Aamann’s Establishment – another lunch diner with a more bodega-like feel, a jam-packed Aamann’s CPH Airport and an 8000 square feet event and conference facility, which has hosted everything from fashion shows and product launches to weddings and large company parties.

The newest kid on the block is Aamann’s 1921 in the heart of Copenhagen; a restaurant that caters to guests for both lunch and dinner. The opening of Aamanns 1921, in late August 2018, was a natural next step for the ever-evolving King of Smørrebrød.

“With this restaurant I had the opportunity to open the restaurant I’ve always dreamt of. During lunch we serve our classic smørrebrød, and in the evening we create interpretations of classic Danish dinner favourites.”, he states.




The open sandwich was originally a combination of a working class hero – the rye bread lunch sandwiches of farmers and workers – and the lavish dinners of the bourgeoisie and nobility in Denmark. The urban wealthy made the sandwiches in vogue in the late 19th century, drawing on an old tradition of serving meats and fish on slices of bread instead of plates.

But with modern Danes sitting in offices without getting sufficient exercise to build up appetite for the rich sandwiches, smørrebrød became synonymous with an antiquated and unhealthy, mayonnaise-loaded lifestyle.

 Add to that the fact that lunch service was considered laborious and inglorious endeavour that most top chefs only did to pay the bills, so they could follow their real passion; the gourmet evening experiences.

Aamanns 1921 – the newest addition. A historical bunker restored to a beautiful restaurant in the middle of Copenhagen’s thriving foodscene.

This dramatically changed in 2006 when Aamann introduced an innovative, healthier and better balance between fish and meats – including a greater use of vegetables and greens – with everything handmade and with great focus on using only local ingredients.

More than anybody else, he has pioneered the resurrection of Denmark’s lunch tradition and is the author of numerous cookbooks on the subject. Chef Aamann is focused on developing Danish food, being of a generation of cooks who are not looking abroad for inspiration, but utilising what their own turf can deliver.

Especially when working with smørrebrød – today the glorious bastard son of Danish gastronomy.


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Adam Aamann and The Danish Crown Prince Couple introducing smørrebrød in TriBeCa, New York City.


Adam Aamann exclusively offers his gastronomic excellence for lectures, food festivals, consultancy and grand dinner parties.

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Adam Aamann’s innovative interpretation of classical Danish smørrebrød dishes has become a great success. Aamanns offers a constantly changing menu of seasonally inspired dishes.


“Copenhagen is currently associated with top gastronomy in places such as Noma, the world’s best restaurant, but Aamann’s success shows that the food revolution of Denmark and the Nordic region is much deeper than only the gourmet kitchens.”


“The open sandwich tradition of Denmark –known as smørrebrød – was not a thing that ambitious chefs or fashionable restaurants would put on their menus. That was until a young chef, looking for some more time with his kids, started out to save what is perhaps the only Danish addition to the world’s culinary map: the open, rye bread sandwich lunch.”


“With the newest kid on the block – Aamann’s 1921 – in the heart of Copenhagen, Adam Aamann again shows a guiding leadership on the development of classic Danish cuisine.” 


Follow the adventures of Aamanns Establishment in Copenhagen.



Tatar of Jersey beef with egg cream, tarragon,

 cornichons, capers, onions and crispy potato.

Smoked halibut with lemoncream,
potato gaufrettes and lumpfish roe.

Asparagus Potatoes with tarragon emulsion,
“heavy pork greaves”, applecider-pearls and chervil.

Food Photos by Claes Bech-Poulsen.


“One can almost compare Adam Aamann’s style with painting gouache such as Paul Gauguin’s “Portrait of Meyer de Haan” made with deep colors and rustic strokes.”

– Ole Troelsø, Børsen (Danish Financial Times).