On April 5th Bon Vivant Communications presents a culinary night so sacred that it has to be held in a Roman Catholic church, deep in the historic parts of Mid-Europe.

With three times attendee at Wachau Gourmet Festival, Mads Refslund: The laid back original co-founder of Noma and frontier of New Nordic Cuisine. A child of the Earth and culinary prodigy situated in New York City, – receiving great US-accolade for his almost supernatural way of thinking food.

Also introducing Adam Aamann: The resurector of Denmark’s lunch tradition, author, successful serie-restaurateur in Copenhagen and New York City, widely known as the King of Smørrebrød – doing so well that numerous great chefs now follow his lead. On this matter also honored with the “Gastronomic Academy Honorary Award”.

Two gastronomies originated in the Kingdom of Denmark – the new and old – finding each others similarities and strenghts, combined with and merged by the finest wines of the world-renowned Wachau Region.

A deluxe menu of 8 courses and a battery of snacks, – hundreds of combination opportunities.

Will the two chefs succeed in finding a jointed, perhaps new culinary DNA?  The great scenery of Minoritenkirche in Krems of Wachau, Austria will tell.

April 5th 2013

In partnership with Relais & Châteaux Schloss Dürnstein.




The Wachau region of Austria has a long tradition of indulgence with restaurateurs and winemakers of international renown. This fact will be honoured by an extraordinary series of special culinary events at The Wachau Gourmet Festival.

Between April 4th and April 18th 2013, the hosting partners in Wachau await you with everything of distinction in the world of indulgence. With exclusive multi-course dinners, cookery shows, table talks with celebrities and exquisite wine tastings, the restaurateurs and winemakers will once again show that Wachau is one of the top culinary regions on an international scale.

The program of the Wachau Gourmet Festival is enhanced by appearances from internationally renowned top chefs. Chefs from various Relais & Chateaux-destinations of the world will create top dinners in the Wachau region.

To see more about Wachau Gourmet Festival, please visit the official website.




Pronounced : [ˈsmɶɐ̯ʌˌbʁœðˀ], was originally a combination of a working class hero – the rye bread lunch sandwiches of farmers and workers – and the lavish dinners of the bourgeoisie and nobility in Denmark. The urban wealthy made the sandwiches in vogue in the late 19th century, drawing on an old tradition of serving meats and fish on slices of bread instead of plates.

But with modern day Danes sitting down in offices without getting sufficient exercise to build up appetite for the rich sandwiches, smørrebrød became synonymous with an antiquated, unhealthy, mayonnaise-loaded lifestyle.

 Add to that the fact that lunch service was considered laborious and inglorious endeavor that most top chefs only did to pay the bills, so they could follow their real passion; the gourmet evening experiences.


An Adam Aamann signature smørrebrød: Tatar of Jersey beef with egg cream, tarragon, cornichons, capers, onions and crispy potato.


This dramatically changed in 2006 when Aamann introduced an innovative, healthier and better balance between fish and meats – including a greater use of vegetables and greens – with everything handmade on spot using only local ingredients.

More than anyone else, he has pioneered the resurrection of Denmark’s lunch tradition, and is now the author of three cookbooks on the subject and also recommended by Guide Michelin.

Chef Aamann is focused on developing Nordic food, being of a generation of Danish cooks who are not looking abroad for inspiration, but utilizing what their own turf can deliver.

Especially when working with smørrebrød – the glorious bastard son of Danish gastronomy.


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An example of Mads Refslund’s almost supernatural way of thinking food: Pickled vegetables with sunflower, pickled white anchovies and herbs with a dressing on roasted sunflower seeds.