IMG_2115As a part of their collaboration dinner series ‘The World comes to Geneva’, fast rising restaurant La Bottega created a spectacular dinner featuring bright and fast rising Kiwi Chef Matt Lambert of The Musket Room in New York City.

This series began in April when the Peruvian Superstar Chef Diego Muñoz travelled to Geneva to cook alongside Paulo Airaudo and Francesco Gasberro, and followed by the culinary enigma Chef Atsushi Tanaka in May.


Paulo Airaudo and Matt Lambert


La Bottega is quickly becoming a must amongst diners and tourists in Geneva, eager to find a different offer in the already crowed Geneve restaurant scene.

Refusing to squeeze their restaurant into a clear-cut mould that churns out homogenous pasta dishes, Paulo Airaudo and Francesco Gasberro, italo-argentinean chefs and owners at La Bottega, are breaking away from traditional stereotypes and going ‘Italian free-style’ – creating a warm and welcoming but elegant ambiance in their restaurant where diners find themselves indulging in a fun and creative culinary experience.

This effort and skill was rewarded when they received their first well-deserved Michelin star, just months after opening.


Cod fish, carrots and onion (Paulo Airaudo)


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Ōra King Salmon, apple, watercress and wasabi (Lambert)


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As a great pairing for their smart-modern style, they invited Matt Lambert: a rising star chef at Manhattan, where he develops a personal style mixing his New Zealand heritage and flavours with the most advanced techniques to produce fresh and original dishes. Dishes that caught the attention of the Michelin-inspectors who gave his delicious food a Michelin star also just 4 months after opening The Musket Room.


Egg side serving for Lambert’s “Steak and Eggs”

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Duck, peach and leeks (Paulo Airaudo)




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Forza Italia.


Berries Farmer’s Pie (Matt Lambert)


Olive oil, mango and pineapple (Paulo Airaudo)

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Hungry for more? Have a look at La Bottega: Setting The Pace.



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Photos: Alex Teuscher and Kristian Brask Thomsen