The celebrated chef owner of Mexico’s best restaurant and The World’s 50 Best Restaurant List No. 11 Quintonil, goes on a powerful culinary quest through five European countries and culinary projects in just 16 days.


M E X I C O    C I T Y

With no real further introduction needed as this Mexican magician has taken most of the culinary world by storm while also moving rapidly up The World’s 50 Best Restaurant List, with a first entry as No. 35 in 2015 to an impressive No. 11 in 2018, when the grand event was held in Bilbao.

Soon a gastro quest by this all star goes through various cultures and cuisines. It kicks off with a hectic 16 days tour through West, North and Eastern Europe with destinations such as Copenhagen, the Norwegian countryside, Helsinki and Saint Petersburg.

But the adventure begins at the Dutch National Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


A M B I A N T    A M S T E R D A M 

In Amsterdam the Mexican inspirator cooks in the hectic but supremely efficient and fun, grand open kitchen of 1*Michelin RIJKS at the Dutch National Rijksmuseum, where he alongside blonde patron Joris Bijdendijk and his brigade of 20 dedicated chefs cook a collaboration menu of highly executed and tasty plates for lunch and dinner over three days.

Amongst many previous guest chefs at RIJKS are names alike Virgilio Martinez of Central in Lima, Richard Ekkebus of Amber in Hong Kong, André Chiang of Singapore, Kamilla Seidler, then of Gustu in La Paz and Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura of Maido in Lima – the last two mentioned during cooking expedition curated by Bon Vivant Communications.

Local hero Joris Bijdendijk.

The Rijksmuseum tells the story about the Netherlands. Influences from countries far and near can also be seen. At RIJKS the swanky restaurant with a sizzling open kitchen follows this pattern: quality, authenticity and uniqueness translated to the kitchen, the chefs, the interior and the location.

Basically RIJKS is the Rijksmuseum served up on a plate. Friday April 5th, Saturday April 6th and Wednesday April 7th Jorge Vallejo cooks alongside the super team of RIJKS for lunch and dinner. To learn more about RIJKS and this event, please follow this link to the restaurant’s website.


S O U T H E R N    N O R W A Y

Up in Norway, inside one of the fjords where vikings used to hang out, a very local food symposium has taken its place over the past 6 years. And even though this annual happening hasn’t had the attention of the world, it has previously managed to attract the great minds of René Redzepi, Heston Blumenthal, Rasmus Kofoed and Magnus Nilsson.

The for non-Scandinavians difficult name to pronounce; Sjømat på Sørlandet (Seafood in Southern Norway) has for the previous three years collaborated with Bon Vivant on attracting great culinary figures to participate in the growing evolvement of this region that produces a grand variety of pristine products.

Figures as culinary explorer Diego Muñoz, Elena Arzak of 3*Michelin Arzak in San Sebastián, Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2016 Kamilla Seidler, Alain Weissgerber of Taubenkobel in Austria, Latin America’s No. 1 Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura of Maido, as well as having facilitated the presence of Esben Holmboe Bang of 3*Michelin Maaemo and many others.

This year things are intensified with Jorge Vallejo having his second stop in Norway, accompanied by:

Frederik Berselius of 2*Michelin Aska in New York City, Emma Bengtsson of 2*Michelin Aquavit also in the Big Apple, New Nordic Cuisine-founder and global culinary serie entrepreneur Claus Meyer – Søren Selin of 2*Michelin AOC in Copenhagen and Ulrik Jepsen of high rising À L’aise in Oslo.

Speakers also include Maskut Askar of Neolokal in Istanbul, and legend Maître d’ Didier Fertilati – previously of The Fat Duck and Quique deCosta.

The list of Sjømat på Sørlandet’s speakers is stated in Norwegian at Sjømat på Sørlandet, April 9-10, Rosfjord, Norway. Jorge Vallejo speaks April 9th.


C O O L    C O P E N H A G E N

Quintonil’s world centers on the study and expression of Mexico’s rich ingredient varie in dishes, sauces and preparations. Each ingredient Quintonil uses is chosen with knowledge of its provenance, method of cultivation and most relevant features as a way to harness its maximum potential.

It’s their unwavering commitment to quality standards as they support true sustainable in partnership with producers, providers and farming communities.

Jorge brings this vision and philosophy to Denmark by the use of classic Mexican top products while also combining them with those of the Nordic.

He does so at the immensely sexy and design-winning Latin American restaurant Llama, where walls and floors are lined with handcrafted Mexican cement tiles, melding iconic design influences from Latin America with Copenhagen cool.

On Thursday April 11th Llama celebrates their 5th Anniversary by having Mexico’s Best Chef cooking a delightful tasting menu for local patrons, socialites, gourmands and selected press.

During a night of grand celebration Jorge Vallejo cooks 8 courses of the finest Mexican possible when being away from his own kitchen and producers.

On Friday April 12th Jorge & Co joins Llama on running a “normal” night at the pumping restaurant that turns into a buzzing nightclub on weekends. On a grand a la carte menu of opportunities Quintonil assists Llama with three tantalising servings on the restaurant’s 8-course tasting menu.

More information on this great event is to come. Should you already wish to reserve a table, then please reach out lo Llama through their website.


W H I T E    H E L S I N K I

The cornerstone of Quintonil’s menu is the care taken with each ingredient. It’s about balanced and healthy dishes, with flavour as the essential element.

Without discarding protein, ever-present on the menu, the vegetable ingredients play an extraordinary role as they render maximum potential in everything from starters to desserts.

Pastor is a grand Latin American restaurant in Helsinki, where Jorge Vallejo & Co for three nights create an in-depth 5-course Mexican menu supported by creative for,- and after play of tantalising bites by Pastor.

This includes talks from Jorge Vallejo on his thoughts of Mexican cuisine and in which direction he empowers it to go.

Pastor was founded 5 years ago, with the restaurant really having found its place on the Helsinki restaurant scene. It’s an urban living room where you can eat, drink and hang out, and with many interesting design facts. It’s located in an old building in central Helsinki which housed the first co-ed school in Finland lead by Pastor Broberg, hence the name of the restaurant.

Much of the furniture has been custom made or is recycled, for example some of the chairs are old school chairs from Sweden which ties up nicely with the history of the building. The restaurant serves hot exotic flavours, but the interior is more minimalistic, trendy Scandinavian.

View more about the Pastor by visiting the restaurant’s website where you also can book seats for Quintonil’s dinner in Helsinki on Monday March 15th, Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th.


G R A N D    S A I N T    P E T E R S B U R G

As the final stop on his hectic European endeavour Jorge Vallejo teams up with culinary pioneer and Russian storyteller Igor Grishechkin at CoCoCo.

Kicking off a dazzling night of high gourmet, glamour and grand bravour, Mexico’s best chef and Russia’s great white hope co-create an 8-course tasting menu for 80 patrons, socialites, special invitees and perfect strangers in the former capital of Tsars.

CoCoCo is the brainchild of owner and royalty of Russian dining, celebrity Matilda Shnurova, and with Igor Grishechkin as the creative Executive Chef responsible for creating the daily jaw-dropping dishes.

Igor Grishechkin and Matilda Shnurova.

Igor cooks while telling tales of Russia’s history with his dishes. From the opulent area of the Romanoffs, over the Communist Soviet Union, to a tantalising New Russian Cuisine shaped through the struggles of embargoes.

A experience that, through Igor’s innovative cooking, narrates stories of Russian yesteryear, conjures the spirit of Saint Petersburg and delights your inner-child.

The restaurant’s appearance, alike it’s cuisine, is modern and undeniably Russian. Bright, ethnic, clear and ironic. Velvet and wood, gold and dinner china, mirrors crystal shine and hovering black feathers of restaurant’s symbol.

In all details that create an alluring image of a jewelry box.


CoCoCo has previously hosted dinners with Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur, Gaggan Anand of Gaggan and Vladimir Muhkin of White Rabbit.

Grand Dinner Celebration, Friday April 19th, CoCoCo, Saint Petersburg.

Igor Grishechkin, Matilda Shnurova and Gaggan Anand.


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