2011 Bocuse d’Or Gold Medalist Chef Rasmus Kofoed and Restaurant Director Søren Ledet invite Star Chefs David Toutain and Sanghoon Degeimbre to co-create a lunch extraordinaire at fast rising comet Restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen, Saturday August 24th 2013 at 11:30.

In celebration of so many chefs, gastronomes and fun-loving foodies from around the globe are in Copenhagen, attending MAD Symposium, the three star chefs create a series of 27 servings, – 9 both signature but also totally new dishes from each chef.



6 snacks – 2 per chef

9 salted dishes – 3 per chef

(each chef will choose 1 personal favorite product all 3 chefs will use in their dishes)

6 salted signature dishes – 2 per chef

6 signature sweets – 2 per chef





France-based David Toutain is by among colleagues and food writers considerate a culinary globetrotter, one of his generations most talented chefs and ever so popular, these days popping up in kitchens around the globe.

David Toutain has worked closely with world-renowned chefs such as Alain Passard at L’Arpege, Paris; Marc Veyrat at La Maison de Marc Veyrat, Annecy, France; and Andoni Luis Aduriz from Mugaritz in Spain; preparing him for his role as Chef de Cuisine of the iconic 2 Star Michelin New York restaurant, Corton – returning to his native France in 2011, he opened Agapé Substance, a unique 26-seat, open kitchen restaurant, in the heart of Paris – that he left in the late 2012.

His unfailing enthusiasm and sensitivity to the freshest ingredients, quality produce and unexpected flavours earned him and Agape Substance numerous awards including “62nd Top Restaurant in Europe” by Opinionated About Dining (OAD), as well as “Rising Chef of the Year” by Magazine Le Chef. In 2012, Chef David was named by the Gault Millau guide as “One of the Six Greats of Tomorrow”, cementing his place as a tastemaker and trendsetter of the culinary world.




In old times when young Sang Hoon was thinking about a job, he turned to be a pharmacist, but his love for food had him move to the food industry. As a result he worked in different famous restaurants in Belgium as a sommelier, but never cooked before he opened his own restaurant in 1997, called L’Air du Temps, where he recieved a first Michelin star after 2 years and the second in 2007.

For the 15th anniversary of the restaurant, Sang Hoon and his staff moved to another location at a large farm in the middle of fields, where he grows a specific garden with more than 300 species of plants. Today, he defines his cuisine as “Terroir Contemporain, while love for mordernity defines his style.

Sang Hoon is permatly looking for the very best products – especielly from his own production around the restaurant,- but not only – that he cooks using specific technique, moderne or acient, to bring the best of each ingredient into the light to magnify it. His Korean roots are helping him to give a touch of power taste in each dish resulting in a unique personal cooking style.

It’s a philosophy that combines high-concept cuisine, local ingredients – many from the same garden, and innovative use of technology like sous vide, ultasonic devices, immersion heating and even ultrasound. Not surprisingly wine plays a heavy role in the overall experience. With this philosphy driving him, Degeimbre has gained critical acclaim as he continues to push conceptual boundaries in a seamless, inspiring marriage of Belgian and Korean cuisine.




 First he won bronze. Then silver. And finally, in 2011, he received the golden statue, the proof that he was the winner of Bocuse d’Or and thereby the title “the world’s best chef”. In March 2013, Rasmus Kofoed received his second Michelin star within only two years at Restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen, as well as both years being recognized at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List.

Geranium is a 1st. class Nordic luxury restaurant practicing minimalistic cooking, and the restaurant has quickly grown a reputation for its inventive and highly intuitive culinary approach, through its aim to explore the area of tension between the urbane and the natural with dishes of amazing delicacy.

Kofoed has undertaken to create meals that involve all the diner’s senses, as well as to challenge perceptions through his cooking. Among the ingredients on Geranium’s tasting menu, ceps, heather, sheep butter, dried leaves and pine needles contribute to this Nordic experience of terroir cooking at its finest.



Price per cover at this exquisite lunch is DDK 2500,00 (€ 345,00) including wines.

24 covers only.

To book, please call +45 69 96 00 20

or email  info@geranium.dk


To schedule an interview, please email press@geranium.dk

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