Two of Copenhagen’s absolute finest chefs team up and cook two grand dinners extraordinaire at both their restaurants.


Søren Selin of 2* Michelin fine dining institution AOC cooks with Eric Vildgaard of highly upcoming 2* Michelin Jordnær for two nights exclusively.

Tuesday March 3rd at Jordnær and Tuesday June 9th at AOC.

20 course tasting menus. All-in par excellence.


March 3rd at Jordnær, +4522408020 or

June 9th at AOC, +4533111145 or





“Taking Nordic Cuisine from punk to aristocracy.”

Søren Selin is a master of the senses. His tools are sourced from all that is offered by the local flora and fauna which he uses to create an incredibly stimulating experience of taste, colour, smell and texture. 

His gastronomic philosophy is positioned from a modern style, using purely fresh Nordic produce. He states:

“My passion has always been to cook at the very highest level and at all times further develop my kitchen: A local cuisine that’s rooted in Danish ingredients and seasons, and a natural cuisine where the raw materials are the stars.”

Søren Selin has a culinary past at Le Relais Louis XIII (2 Star Michelin) and Jules Verne (1 Star Michelin), both situated in Paris, and at Alberto K in Copenhagen, where he spent four years as the Executive Chef of the restaurant, including managing all food related matters of the iconic Hotel Royal.

Besides being rewarded with only top reviews for his gastronomy, he has been nominated in various categories for “The Danish Dish of Year” nine times, taking prizes home to Restaurant AOC  in 2013, 2014 and 2017.

Søren Selin was appointed Chef partner of AOC in March 2013 and has since received only top marks from all Danish and international food critics, taking Nordic Cuisine from punk to aristocracy.

AOC is awarded with two Michelin stars since 2015 and was in 2019 named “Restaurant of The Year” by the Danish Dining Guide.

It’s not often you walk into a restaurant with two Michelin stars located in a mansion and find that it smells just like home.

But walk through the doors of AOC and the smell of wood smoke and reduced bouillon of Jerusalem artichokes hits you like a double shot of aquavit; a hunger-rousing welcome for anyone who loves good food.

AOC is serious stuff. Ancient arches and low lights and a 17th century cellar shape the dining room into the most elegant basement you’ve ever seen; home of Søren Selin who creates artistic, curious and playful menus while always maintaining a high comfort and yumminess that keeps your palate safe.

Add to this champion sommelier and restaurateur Christian Aarø’s superior knowledge of wines that results in tantalising flights that often embraces both old, young, conservative, edgy, conventional and organic wines in great storytellings for your palate; servers that charmingly walk you through the minutiae of the menu as if they’ve spent a lifetime preparing the dishes themselves – when not cracking jokes with you that is.




“Jordnær – a lovestory.”

A former gang enforcer found the right path in life through unconditional love toward his wife and gastronomy.

Jordnær took everyone in and outside Denmark by surprise when Michelin awarded the then unknown restaurant in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen a star during its first year of opening.

Since then, it has been full throttle on flavours – creating picturesque plates and mouth-watering creations of Nordic, French and Asian ingredients cooked with remarkable harmony. Jordnær is already a contender for a second Michelin star.

Jordnær received a second Michelin star on February 17th.

The passionately run Jordnær (translation; Down to Earth) is housed in the northern suburbs of the city, on the ground floor of an unassuming looking hotel. Once inside, it’s a different story; the building dates from 1666 and the appealingly rustic modern restaurant comes with well-spaced tables, grey-painted timbers and superb mood lighting.

Seasonal ingredients are foraged by the talented, generous and largely self-taught chef, Eric Vildgaard, whose precise, skilfully prepared dishes have pure and harmonious flavours. His wife Tina is in charge of the service, which is performed with genuine warmth and knowledge.

Duo Eric & Tina Vildgaard bring forth new tones rooted in French, Nordic and Japanese traditions based mostly on Danish ingredients.

The atmosphere is very warm in the modernised “inn” with attractive plank floors, Nordic designer furniture and the impressive beam ceiling, with the service being both professional and personal.

Jordnær is a modern, sophisticated gem that suddenly popped up in the middle of the slightly old fashioned, bourgeoisie Gentofte-suburb of Copenhagen. It’s the story of the ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful swan in no time.

Nobody saw it coming.



Who: Søren Selin & Eric Vildgaard

When: Tuesdays, March 3rd & June 9th 2020

Where: Restaurant AOC & Restaurant Jordnær, Copenhagen

Menu: 20-course tasting menu


March 3rd at Jordnær, +4522408020 or

June 9th at AOC, +4533111145 or


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