With a gastro world keeping its breath, San Sebastián Gastronomika runs with the culinary torch and keeps it burning.



The XXII edition of San Sebastián Gastronomika – Euskadi Basque Country right now takes place in a new format with presentations and live activities, and the attendance of the public through the new digital platform of the symposium.

Over 5 days, with 70 speakers, 50+ sessions and activities, and just as many broadcasting hours.

Registration is for free for the first time so no professional or amateur have had to miss out because of COVID-19. A unique opportunity created by one of the most endearing culinary spots in the world.

A place where you always feel at home – in soulful San Sebastián.


The first days of a decisive – and this year mostly online edition of Gastronomika began with the millenary flavours of Paco Morales, and the futuristic pantry of Ángel León.

Paco Morales then went on to cook three symbolic “claiming territory” dishes in Pedro Subijana‘s legendary three Michelin-starred restaurant Akelarre in San Sebastián. Dishes that looks back, but projects forward.

Like a culinary Indiana Jones, Paco Morales recovers, studies and shapes a new culinary language, of the past. Morales is a chef of history – and if you love history then the experience at Morales’ restaurant NOOR in Córdoba in the South of Spain is an absolute must.

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Pedro Subijana and Paco Morales at Akelarre during Gastronomika.


At Akelarre, Morales cooked a beautiful dish based on pine nuts and dried fruits; “architecture on a plate, a very from Cordoba dish”, he said and presented a cold cream of toasted pine nuts, green apple and Ras El Hanout that surprised with its velvety texture.

This was preceded with a grilled chanterelle with confit of boletus mushrooms, blanched sea cucumber. “Like porrusalda (Basque leek soup) but without potato or pumpkin” (New World products isn’t used at NOOR) with pieces of cod.

The last dish, a vegetable stew with leeks, turnip, pickled zucchini, aubergine, confit boletus and morels, “Everything caressed with almonds in a classic pilpil” (Basque sauce of olive oil, garlic and chili), Maroles ended.

Oyster with Kalamata olive juice, suckling jelly and kefir​. A great example of Morales’ cooking. This rom the second season at NOOR where Morales cooked the 12th and 13th century of Al-Ándalus’.


What truly makes it hyper interesting is the culinary history lesson he currently offers in Andalusia’s Moorish heritage from the year 1000 to 1500. Andalusia was for more than 700 years known as Al-Ándalus under Arabic rule.

At NOOR (the Arabic word for “light”) you are allured into a sensory experience of exotic mystique and flavours executed with the precision, passion and creativity that the elite of Spanish chefs are worldwide beloved for.

NOOR has deservedly received two Michelin stars within just three years, and three “Soles” (Suns) – the maximum given by Repsol, which is the superior most influential Spanish dining guide.

In October 2020 the restaurant surprised the world by entering The Best Chef Awards Top 100 as a first entry ranked No. 29.

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View articles from Paco Morales’ adventure at Gastronomika by Spanish national newspaper ABC. Quick translation into English is an option.

Gastronomika began October 5th and ends on October 9th.


San Sebastián Gastronomika: NOOR – recipes for a historical moment.

San Sebastián Gastronomika: There is much of Al-Andalus to show.

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Hungry for more? Have a look at NOOR’s website.

Paco Morales with Andoni Aduriz during Gastronomika. Morales served as head chef of Aduriz’ legendary restaurant Mugaritz for five years.

Paco Morales at San Sebastián Gastronomika 2020.
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