Maison Dellos invites Nordic Cuisine co-founder Mads Refslund to cook alongside Chef Andrei Krasov – the talented young chef of Fahrenheit by Maison Dellos in the heart of Moscow.

February 9th, 10st & 11th.


Mads Refslund – originally from Copenhagen, but for 5 years situated in New York City where he has paved the way for Nordic Cuisine in the US, receiving great accolade for his almost supernatural way of thinking food.

A darling amongst food critics – known for his creativity, telling great tales through his playful cuisine with a passion for seafood and vegetables.

Co-founder of four-times voted “Worlds Best Restaurant” NOMA where he was head chef along with René Redzepi. Altogether, Mads Refslund is a frontier of the new culinary language and trends created through “New Nordic Cuisine”.


Noma, Copenhagen, 2004.

Founder of Michelin-restaurants in Copenhagen, – an often used star chef at international food festivals and frequently portrayed in the culinary medias. Recipient of numerous awards for his delicious food. Four times winner of “Critics Choice/Dish of the Year” in Denmark.

The most winning chef when he left the Kingdom.

“Bonding Rawness” is how Mads Refslund explains his philosophy. This idea entails a closer assessment of produce, extending to its quality and freshness, but essentially going beyond that.

Raw materials are visualised and chosen for their intrinsic values and the aim is the highest expression that nature produces. The consequence is a cuisine seeking to sustain ingredients natural and original flavours and not to pollute pure taste with excessive preparation or cooking.

Today “Bonding Rawness has naturally developed into “Fire & Ice” which will be the cooking philosophy of Chef Refslund’s new restaurant in creation in the hip Williamsburg-part of Brooklyn, New York City.


James Corden, host of “The Late Late Show” on CBS, sits at a table in the woods, enjoying a meal prepared by the world-renowned Mads Refslund and discussing Chef Refslund’s planned restaurant in Williamsburg.

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Fahrenheit is an extraordinarily audacious and creative state-of-the-art project, abundant in cultural and gastronomic events.

The concept of the new venue is based on casual gastronomique – the cuisine which is vibrant and profound, yet simple and easy-to-understand, really ‘casual’ as the name suggest.

Farenheit offers a unique and diverse space. The classic loft style – a combination of concrete, metal and glass – is softened by leather and wooden accents, and a laid-back chat with the restaurant guests in the open kitchen helps the atmosphere of the place come alive.





The chef of the new restaurant is the talented and charming experimentalist Andrei Krasov. The person in charge of the bar is Denis Kryazhev, the winner of Diageo Reserve World Class 2012 and the Bartender of the Year 2013 according to GQ Journal.

This is your chance to experience not only Fahrenheit’s creative Russian cuisine, but also to see how Andrei Krasov works with a kitchen defined by the hyper creative Refslund.

Come taste!