The Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong hosts The Ritz-Carlton Second Annual Asia-Pacific Food and Wine Festival from 13 to 16 June 2013, during which a global collection of the world’s top chefs, celebrated chocolatier & pâtissier, the world’s best affineur and wineries will be featured.

The four-day epicurean event with seven masters from China, Denmark, France, Italy and United Kingdom will showcase the finest culinary craftsmanships through a series of events, from cooking classes and chef’s table to afternoon tea and an “All Star Brunch”. Genuine food lovers in Hong Kong are going to be taken on a unique culinary adventure at the highest hotel in the world.

Through series of cooking classes and high profiled 10-seats only Nordic Chef’s Tables accompanied especially with the extremely exclusive Champagne Boërl & Kroff – in its category, the most expensive Champagne in the World – the four times winner of “Critics’ Choice/Dish of the Year” in Denmark, Mads Refslund, presents his personal take of the New Nordic Cuisine he co-founded in a philosophy he calls “Bonding Rawness”.

This concept entails a closer assessment of produce, extending to its quality and freshness, but essentially going beyond that. Raw materials are visualised and chosen for their intrinsic values and the aim is the highest expression that nature produces.

The Master of Nordic Cuisine ends his Hong Kong endavour with a bespoke prestige dinner at The Ritz-Carlton Suite at the 116th. floor, combined with a Boërl & Kroff and Romanée-Conti pairing for a private party of 10 luxury diners.

Price: HK$248,000 (USD$32,000)


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Burned Field: Perfumes & Texture from late Summer scorched Fields

“This is in fact one of the best dishes I have eaten anywhere. Presentation, performance, suspense, savour, illusion even and then some more stem from this. As the aroma captivates, the tastes tingle and tease the tongue and lips whilst the astringent, dusty, pasty textures smother and gently dry them out. A stunningly successful and convincing course this was.”

– Food Snob on Burned Field