Build for grand receptions, the Château de Baronville rises in the center of a vast park as a stunning example of French ‘Art de Vivre’, surrounded by boasting varied woodland and ornamental lakes.

The Baronville Estate has been inhabited since the Roman Empire, initially serving as a fortification over the Voise Valley. In 1623 the second castle was erected by the Montescot family and changed hands when it was acquired by the Marquis d’Aligre.

Rebuilt by Marquis de Pomereu d’Aligre in 1868, the château was designed with great receptions in mind. Its four large salons and lengthy hall enable clients to host the most elegant events, only an hour’s distance from Paris.

The estate is managed by Count Aymeric de Rougé, the great-great-grand son of Marquis de Pomereu d’Aligre, whose family has owned the estate since 1783.

The Count de Rougé’s background includes studies in law, business and finance in Germany, Israel and at the ESCP in Paris. He also boasts a degree in agriculture, which enables him to manage the estate’s vast arable cultures in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Count Aymeric de Rougé

The Count served in the French Army as a 1st Lieutenant paratrooper of the 1st parachutists Hussar regiment. Having lived in many different countries and thanks to international exposure, the Count de Rougé shows a great interest in the world’s development and cultures, which he sees as complementary to the authenticity of an historical Estate like Baronville.

Over the years, Baronville has hosted a great number of illustrious visitors and prestigious guests, such as H.M. The King of Saudi Arabia, the last Emperor of Vietnam Bao Dai, many members of royal families, Sir Elton John, the footballer Ronaldo, star actors and actresses, as well as many international fashion models.

Having hosted state receptions, luxury dinners, balloon flying, clay pigeon shooting, small concerts, grand weddings, fashion shoots and extravagant fireworks, this wonderful Estate retains its status as one of the most stunning and remarkable venues in the Paris Area through its beauty, untouched character and charm.

The perfect setting for a Grand Experience.

(including helicopter landing facilities)

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2 minutes of pure joy from a grand wedding day at Château de Baronville. 


Only an hour away from Paris, the Château de Baronville welcomes you exclusively for an high-end, special occasion in a warm family atmosphere.


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