It’s with great pleasure that we announce a new longterm partnership with one of the most interesting restaurants in Madrid, – and of its kind in the world; Punto MX.

(words by Kristian Brask Thomsen)


I first visited this delightful place during Madrid Fusión previous year, where I met two friends – both Austrian food writers. They had a reservation at this Mexican restaurant situated on a corner of the swanky Salamanca neighbourhood of the Spanish capitol.

“Mexican?”, I remember thinking…., “an unusual choice by these gentlemen”. But I was in, – at the time having been to Mexico twice (now five times) and head over heels in love with the diversity, products, deep deliciousness and general good fun of the good old country’s culinary scene.

And I quickly understood there was a buzz about this place.

“Punto MX. Peculiar name too”, I thought to myself. “I’ve called the place for two days and finally managed to get us a cocktail table in the lounge where we can eat!”, the otherwise most conservative fellow of our trifecta, said. “Alright, I’ve never heard about this place before tonight, but let’s share a bar stool, order a good bottle of Tequila and dive in.”


The atmosperic Mezcal Lab on the first floor.

Pffff…. Tequila. As if. They have an interesting selection of such, but the unique selection of Mezcal; the supreme Mexican liquor that I originally was introduced to by a deluxe Mariachi band in District Federal some years back, was simply outstanding. I later found out this is the greatest selection in all of Europe. But of course it is. This is how it is all the way with Punto MX.

You think the food is good,- that foodies hype each other up (happens all the time), but no; the food was really good. As in really really good and in a rare upmarket approach towards Mexican cuisine.

It started with the cocktails of original twists at the beginning of the meal, the unique Mezcal collection (and beer same), the handmade tortillas, the prawn ceviche, braised duck enchilada and octopus tacos, the refined versions of Panucho Cochinita Pibil, and the expert use of spicing by Chef Roberto Ruiz in all the dishes.

The flavours and nuances of each variety of chilli, ranging from fruity, mild heat to full-on sweet and powerful heat, shined through the dishes. All this was achieved without compromising on authenticity and by sourcing the best ingredients (they have their own orchard). This was Mexican food at its absolut finest. I even said it out loud: ”This chef is a savory superstar.”


The man with the plan; chef-owner Roberto Ruiz.

I then learned that this stellar establishment already was awarded with a Michelin star two years earlier as the first Mexican restaurant in Europe. That it had – and still have – a two months waiting list, not to mention an outside line of hungry bellies waiting to grab one of the few seats of the Mezcal Lab (where we were seated) as this has no reservation; first come, first serve.

As this wasn’t enough, then I lately got to know about Punto MX’s ecological garden – an impressive 3,5 hectares of organic haven located north of Madrid. With a vision to bring a piece of Mexico to Spain, this amazing space grows over 20 different special Mexican seeds including the Chili Ancho.

And no one really knows about it. Neither about their own grown corn, used to make fresh tortillas every single day. And so it continues at various levels with this place.

At a moment in time when humanity is obsessed with what it eats – photographing every dish, worshipping chefs and flaunting trophy meals on social media, and chefs daily offering their best 15th-take, cropped, triple-filtered personal food moment back to their groupies, there actually still exist great hidden gems down the corner with random Instagram posts, no official Facebook-page,- but instead the word of mouth, friends of friends, staff that makes you feel special without knowing your name, – not to mention being filled with locals, and serving … let’s take the words of Michelin;



“A Mexican restaurant that steers clear of stereotypes. Both the decor and cuisine are thoroughly modern. Traditional recipes are bolstered by a contemporary technical approach while at the same time adapting to local tastes. Highly interesting combination of Mexican ingredients and others sourced from Spain.”

… or in other words;

A multi-flavoured and coloured, rich and varied Mexican cuisine; badass, avant-garde and interpreted from a cosmopolitan perspective – including Spanish elements and raw materials along with a refined contemporary aesthetic, faithfully to the essence of each recipe that again seems to be based on the general richness, complexity and diversity of wonderful Mexican flavours.

You’ll be surprised, you’ll get tipsy, you’ll have fun!

We present the delightful, the flavourful, the unique and only Punto MX. If going to Madrid then do try to get a spot in this place. We’ll do our best to help, though without any promises.

Punto MX

“Carabinero”; Scarlet King Crab mixing pristine Spanish produce with Mexican flavors and techniques.


Read more about Punto MX and its 5th anniversary to be celebrated over the next four months, with a range of fantastic Mexican chefs flying to Madrid to cook. Article by US gastro media Honest Cooking in this in-depth insight into the mouthwatering world of a not so long ago, simple neighbourhood restaurant.

Article – Punto MX: The Powerhouse Solidifying Mexican Fine Dining

You’ll hear much more about this great Mexican place through Bon Vivant Communications in the future to come. Below a few words in the 5th anniversary and what it brings of flavourfull news, changes and additions to the returning as well as future guests of Punto MX.





In 2012 it opened its doors betting on authentic Mexican cuisine, showing Spanish diners completely unknown products and elaborations. In 2014 it became the first Mexican restaurant in Europe to receive a Michelin star, giving the deserved recognition to this – at the time – risky exponent of the Aztec tradition.


This late May Punto MX celebrates its fifth anniversary, its 712,000th taco, 260,000th avocado and 200,000th cocktail.

 To celebrate the 5th anniversary, Punto MX replaces the more traditional menu with a tasting menu named ‘Evolución Natural’ (Natural Evolution). Eleven servinges in four phases (snacks, starters, mains and dessert) as the future main proposal; and two more menus, ‘Menu V Aniversario’ and ‘Menu Los Cardenal’.

To celebrate things even further you’ll find the widest selection of mezcals in Europe at the Mezcal Lab, a great variety of cocktails – and for the nostalgic ones; some of the traditional dishes from the celebrated old menu. 

In addition, Roberto Ruiz and his team will greet four of today’s top exponents of Mexican cuisine as guest chefs over the next four months; Juana Amaya, Edgar Nuñez, Diego Hernandez and Jose Manuel Baños.


Juana Amaya Hernandez at Mi Tierra Linda, outside Oaxaca.

Juana Amaya, the first join forces with Punto MX, is currently the highest representative of the traditional cuisine of Oaxaca; one of the states with the greatest gastronomic and cultural wealth in all of Mexico.

She arrives in Madrid this week to present a paleo-gastronomic ritual of the most ancient flavours, already lost in Mexico. Punto MX commits to rescue this legacy by recreating this for the first time in Europe during an unique experience.



Chef Roberto Ruiz exclusively offers his excellence to lectures, food festivals, consultancy and exclusive dinner parties.

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