Executive Chef Owner Matt Lambert invites Italo-Argentinean Star Chef Paulo Airaudo of Amelia in San Sebastián for the sixth edition of the Guest Chef Series at Michelin-starred The Musket Room in New York City.

Monday, February 6th.


The two chefs have previously cooked a delicious joined-menu together at Chef Airaudo former restaurant, the Michelin-accoladed La Bottega in Geneve. Please press this link for photos and situations from that great and fun-loving dinner.

In fact Chef Lambert’s dessert “Pigs Blood & Berries” reached the ten favourite recipes published on The Art of Plating in 2016. View the dish and recipe by following this link.

This is your chance to experience not only Lambert’s translation of the New Zealand cooking into the American surroundings, but to also see how he works with a kitchen defined by the Italo-Argentinean Airaudo, whose style is known to be experimental and earned him a Michelin star within just four months after opening his first restaurant.

Come taste!






Matt Lambert marries his New Zealand heritage with a modern, innovative culinary technique, practiced at The Musket Room where he is the Executive Chef and Co-owner. He has quickly become a rising star in the culinary metropolis, New York City.

Lambert’s cuisine draws inspiration from his Kiwi upbringing, now mixed with his experience of working in some of New York City’s best kitchens and passion for locally sourced produce. Under his leadership, The Musket Room received a highly coveted Michelin Star, just four months after opening.


Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Lambert knew from a young age that he wanted to be a chef. After applying for his first job at age 11 (the chef told him to come back when he was of age), Matt first found himself in a kitchen at 14, washing dishes and getting to know the industry that became his life.

At 16, he was granted an apprenticeship with New Zealand restaurateur Garry Bates, an experience which led to his acceptance into the Culinary Program at Auckland University of Technology. In 1999, Lambert relocated to Wellington, New Zealand, where he worked in various restaurants whilst completing his degree at Whitireia Community Polytechnic.





Paulo Airaudo was born in Argentina to an Italian family, worked professionally across the globe, from Mexico to Peru, in various European countries, and of course also in his beloved Italy. In Europe, he has had the enviable fortune of working in the finest establishments of many capitals, displaying the passionate commitment and professionalism that made him stand out.

Enterprising and resourceful, Paolo loves to experiment with new directions in the kitchen which also is the main focus of his current venture, soon opening a personal signature restaurant in the luscious region of San Sebastián.


This non-stop traveling culinary nomad did not know until late that his fate rested in a kitchen; he studied graphic design before diving into culinary depths of the restaurants in his hometown.

Soon after, he started travelling through Europe and first landed in Spain: Arzak was his first contact with Spanish cuisine, followed by Blumenthal’s elaborated cooking at The Fat Duck outside London, England.

Co-founder of Michelin-accoladed La Bottega in Geneva that he left after two years in order to open the sum of all the culinary knowledge gathered through a decade’s work on three continents, at Amelia Restaurant in San Sebastián.

Opens March 2017.






Who: Matt Lambert (NYC) and Paulo Airaudo (San Sebastián).

When: Monday February 6th 2017.

Where: The Musket Room, 265 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012.

Menu: 6 course collaboration menu for $125 per person.

Seating times: Reservations begin at 6pm until 10pm.

Reservations: (212) 219-0764 or



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Hungry for more? Have a look at some of Chef Airaudo’s servings.