It can be a challenge to describe the two young and talented chefs spearheading the massively popular restaurant Villanos en Bermudas located in Bogotá. With combined experience from restaurants all over the world, they bring raw talent, an eye for design and detail, charismatic personalities accented by perfectly groomed afros.

Argentinean Nicolás (Nico) López and Mexican Sergio Meza have certainly shaken things up on the Latin American culinary map lately.

So much so that their ambiguously named restaurant landed a first entry 40th spot on the coveted Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurant List less than a year after opening its doors.




Born in Salta, Argentina, 1983.


From an early age Nico’s curiosity about gastronomy was awakened, which led him to travel the world and settle in Santiago de Chile, where he instigated a project named Dugnad; a restaurant with which he made a name for himself, and then was invited to participate in the quality no-nonsense dining-initiative 99, which he developed and inaugurated up to its current success.

Later when seeking new challenges, he leaves the southern part of South America for Bogotá in the north, where he with friends co-create Tres Bastardos.

In August 2016, with the intention of developing a proposal closer to his personal, culinary and cultural identity, he opens Villanos en Bermudas together with Mexican-native Sergio Meza in a three-story colonial-style town house, betting on a new concept in the Colombian capital.

Nico’s resume includes the Argentinean Embassy to Venezuela (Caracas), Isa (New York), Jacob Aall (Bergen), 99 (Santiago), Tres Bastardos (Bogotá) before co-founding Villanos en Bermudas.


Born in San Luis Potosí, México, 1990.


After having trained in some of the best restaurants in the world, Sergio became head of R&D at famed Boragó in Santiago, Chile where he side by side with Rodolfo Guzmán developed the menus of this celebrated restaurant.

It’s around this stage that he befriends Nicolás Lópes, who at the time was preparing clandestine dinners in his own Santiago-home. Later Sergio returned to Guadalajara, Mexico taking on the position as Head Chef at La Docena, run by Tomás Bermudez.

During summer of 2016, he accepts the invitation by Nicolás López to co-create Villanos in Bermudas in Bogotá.

Sergio’s resume includes Noma (Copenhagen), Laja (Valle de Guadalupe), In De Wulf (Heuvelland), Empellón (New York), Boragó (Santiago), Three Monkeys (Hong Kong), La Docena (Guadalajara) before co-founding Villanos en Bermudas.


Chef Nicolás López and Sergio Meza exclusively offer their excellence to lectures, food festivals, consultancy and exclusive dinner parties.

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