Pía León of Central’s sister restaurant Kjolle in Lima, will alongside local chefs cook recipes sent to Peru by star chefs from around the world, one being the chef of history, Paco Morales of Noor in Córdoba, who after the fifth season of cooking Andalusia’s Arabic heritage from 10th to 15th century, looks towards the New World and Christoffer Colombus’ discovery of the Americas.



This week the world comes to Peru, or at least its flavours, techniques and mindsets do when Pía León & Friends on Wednesday May 26th cook recipes from great chefs from around the world, being Julien Royer of Odette in Singapore, Helena Rizzo of Mani in São Paulo, Josh Niland of Saint Peter in Paddington, and Paco Morales of Noor in Córdoba.

“We are truly excited about cooking this wonderful selection of recipes from friends that we admire from around the world”,
Pía Léon, head of Kjolle, says.

Pía León, founder and co-owner of Kjolle, former head chef of Central.


Paco Morales also shares his excitement;

“Noor’s kitchen prepares for a historic moment that will change everything for us. The upcoming 15th century comes loaded with new ingredients and possibilities thanks to the arrival of Columbus to America in 1492. His ships not only returned to Spain full of gold and emeralds, but also new culinary treasures; cocoa, avocados, tomatoes, and corn are just a few examples.

Just as in 1499 the Andalusian voyages set sail to continue the work of Columbus came across lands such as the Gulf of Paria in Venezuela,
famous for its cocoa, Noor is today faced with a major adventure, expressing those new flavours, ingredients and stories on what will be the next menu at Noor from September 2021. This culinary exchange with Kjolle in Lima is a suitable symbol of what will come.”

After five season of cooking Al Ándalus’ 500 years in Spain, Paco Morales from September 2021 looks towards the New World.


The invited local chefs patrons who will help Pia León create a wonderful night of international flavours at Kjolle are; Jaime Pesaque of Mayta, Rodrigo Alzamora of Rafael, Juan Luis Martinez of Merito, and Renato Peralta and Ricardo Goachet of Verbena Taller.

Kjolle has been reuniting recipes from the around the world in previous editions too, including: Disfrutar, St. Hubertus, Hiša Franko, Quintonil, Don Julio, Atomix, White Rabbit, amongst others.

After three years topping the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list with her husband and co-owner Virgilio Martínez at Central, Pía León decided to branch out with her own restaurant. Kjolle comes from the name of a flowering Peruvian tree that grows at extreme altitudes.

In case of current and future interest on Kjolle’s culinary endeavours,
please reach out to the restaurant through its website.

In case of interest or/and press on Noor and Paco Morales,
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