Jonathan Berntsen repeats this achievement with his brand new restaurant, The Samuel, after closing CLOU last year, the restaurant where he had Michelin-accolade since 2014.


The magic continues in Copenhagen that late last year witnessed The Samuel rise out of the ashes of CLOU. However, this new hope of the Danish dining scene only managed to be open for three buzzing weeks before the old kingdom was locked down for five full months.

All possibilities to destroy an obvious momentum was present, yet champion chef, sommelier and restaurateur Jonathan Berntsen has again show his excellence, determination and ability to make things happen against heavy odds. On September 13th he received one Michelin star with his brand new restaurant after closing his former where he had Michelin-accolade since 2014.

The Samuel is located in an old pharmacy villa from 1891 in Hellerup, just 6 kilometres north of central Copenhagen. From the outside it looks like your ordinary run-of-the-mill classic Hellerup-villa constructed in typical red bricks. But as you step inside, the masterpiece architecture is something Jonathan describes as a small temple.

“Inside there is this amazing stucco and these amazing pillars. We have kept it a little raw, while adding these high panels and large art deco chandeliers. The bar and kitchen have been fitted in copper and brown marble. So it’s a mix between the stylish and the classic that meets something raw and art deco. Upstairs in the dining room we also have the original parquet floor, and there is nothing more beautiful. We have maintained the respect for this old building but then given it our very own touch.”

The Samuel is named after Jonathan’s firstborn, his 5-year old son, Samuel. However, with two children no restaurant is made without his 1-year old daughter Josephine also having left her mark. Her’s is found in the most luxurious part of the villa.

Upstairs on the first floor there are seven tables, and just out in the front there is a small room where a single two-person table is set up, hidden behind curtains. There is a private small lounge and you have your own fireplace and roof terrace. This special room is named The Josephine and is the one you very much want to ask for when reserving a table.

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The Josephine inside The Samuel. The table you want to reserve.


The Samuel serves a grand 16 course-menu, and like previously at CLOU, these dishes are of the finest produce; from the Nordics, yes, but indeed also from the southern parts of Europe as The Samuel best is described a gourmet restaurant with a Mediterranean heart, quite unusual situated in the very cradle and undisputed capital of Nordic Cuisine.

Then there is the wine menu – with only one vintage from this millennium, three from the 90s, three from the 80s and one from the 70s. That is nothing short of being spectacular.


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