Founded in 2012, hailing from Israel and now based in Barcelona’s old quarter, Florentine Kitchen Knives is the striking result of founder Tomer Botner’s unending passion for the kitchen and dedication to pristine craftsmanship.

Simply by holding one of the knives, one can sense the dedication to its creation, and then, a complete sense of joy ensues as it is put to use. This delightful, unequivocal mastery and ease of function has lead Florentine Kitchen Knives to be trusted by world-renowned chefs and home cooks alike.

But the striking aesthetic, premium materials and superior functionality are just the beginning. Here are ten good reasons to love Florentine Kitchen Knives.


1. Craftsmanship.

Each knife stands alone as a considered tool whose final conception speaks of its material, its measured contemporary design and the time it took to be made.

Now, where we are so used to mass-production, the craftsmanship and expertise of each handmade knife is a refreshing step back to the ideology of creating a product for lasting functionality.

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2. Design.

The contemporary aesthetic of the knives set them aside from the rest whilst still remaining a high quality tool. 

In this way, each client enjoys their own piece of art. They redesign ahead of their annual, new collections meaning the design for each knife is always forward thinking and wholeheartedly contemporary.

East meets West through a Mediterranean design.


3. Expertise.

Built from Tomer’s background in practical product design as well as dedication to learning through creating and working with his hands means each knife is the product of this process.

The chef knives comes with two steels to choose from; carbon steel or stainless steel; a precise demonstration of this very expert knowledge.

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4. Material and functionality.

Florentine Kitchen Knives are concerned with using only premium materials. Not only do the steel, polished brass accents, stabilised wood,- and leather give the tools a striking aesthetic, but also have a fundamental bearing on the functionality of each knife.

Each handle can actually be made bespoke by adding discs of differing material, which in turn alters the balance of each knife according to the clients’ desires. The end result is something ergonomic and simultaneously beautiful.

Florentine Kitchen Knives’ collection includes chefs,- paring and table knives.


5. Trusted by world-renowned chefs.

Found in some of the best kitchens worldwide, these are trusted tools. When commissioned by a restaurant, Tomer will visit in person and the process begins.

This unwavering desire for accuracy and creating the bespoke is upheld across all elements of the production process, earning Florentine Kitchen Knives a rightful place in world-renowned kitchens and restaurants alike.

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6. Limited collections.

The knives are made to order, often with a limited number of a given model. This ensures the design remains completely contemporary and manufacturing can be adjusted to always being the best, ahead of the game.


7. Kitchen focused.

Florentine Kitchen Knives are predicated upon a love for the kitchen.

This encompasses both the passionate home cook and professional chef. Just as an artist uses a fine brush, or a tailor specialised scissors, the use of these fine knives masters the elemental process of cooking.


’33 by Nick Bril’

The Special Edition of ’33 by Nick Bril’ contains a beautiful box with a Nakiri-knife, designed by Nick Brill himself in collaboration with Florentine Kitchen Knives, and a numbered luxury version of his great cookbook.

Available at 2*Michelin The Jane in Antwerp, or at

8. The journey of a family.

Tomer and his wife Noam – now three, with their two-year old son, Lev – relocated to Barcelona from the Tel Aviv neighbourhood of Florentin (the origin of the company name) where Tomer designed his first knives.

Tomer cites his inspiration as coming from the melting pot of cultures in both countries, and how elements from around the world can come together, combine and create something new.

This worldly inspiration, family value, dedication to craftsmanship and starting small to create the best possible product signify the birth of Florentine Kitchen Knives’ very own heritage.

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9. The Workshop.

The design of Florentine Kitchen Knives’ atelier and grand workshop in Barcelona’s old El Raval district is a singing praise of their dedication to contemporary, seamless design.

A big shoutout to Gymnasium Design Office in London for this creation.

The workshop and atelier are both situated beautifully, side-by-side, among glass and polished concrete reflecting the complete transparency in the design and manufacturing process of the knives themselves.


10. The tool itself.

The knife appeals to our primary human desires; it’s a tool that we have used for nearly two and a half million years.

Florentine Kitchen Knives elevate the humble knife through detailed design and workmanship whilst maintaining it as a beautiful and instinctive object of use.

In this sense, the knives have a profound universalism, masculinity born from function and a simultaneously refreshing femininity that is mirrored in design elements such as the polished brass and colourful, stacked handles.

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 Photo shoot for US-media at the workshop construction site.


Florentine Kitchen Knives offer its excellence, craft and expertise to pristine restaurants and unique chefs across the world.

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Nick Bril of The Jane, Christian Bau of Victor’s Gourmet, and Sergio Herman; three friends of Florentine Kitchen Knives.