It’s not often you walk into a restaurant with two Michelin stars in a mansion and find that it smells just like home. But walk through the doors of AOC in Copenhagen and the smell of wood smoke and reduced bouillon of Jerusalem artichokes hits you like a double shot of aquavit. Result; an instant hunger-rousing welcome to anyone who loves good food.

Home of Søren Selin who creates artistic, curious and playful menus while always maintaining a high comfort and yumminess that keeps your palate safe.

Below ten selected dishes to feast your eyes upon.



Nordic Taco; small pancake with biodynamic ox tartar, pickled ramson flower, cress, rhubarb chutney, horse radish cream and smoked beetroot powder.



Turbot baked in juniper bush with turbot roe bottarga.



Squid and lardo with wild onion and fermented parsnip.



Good advice with scallops, oxalis and vendace roe.



Baked onion with caviar and elderflower (served table side).



Langoustine with grilled greens.



Veal sweetbread with wild mushrooms and fried corn threads.



Whole roast pigeon with beets, smoked marrow and wood sorrel.



Green juniper berries and pear.



Burnt Jerusalem artichoke, roasted hazelnuts, salty caramel and chestnut.



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Hungry for more? Have a look at the culinary fact sheet of Søren Selin.


Food photos by Claes Bech-Poulsen. Interior photo by Signe Birck.