The four international chefs speaks alongside producers, philosophers, artists and local chefs in the idyllic Southern parts of Norway. 


Up in Norway, inside one of the fjords where the vikings used to hang out, a very local food symposium has taken its place over the past 6 years.

And even though this annual happening hasn’t had the attention of the world, it has previously managed to attract the minds of René Redzepi, Heston Blumenthal, Rasmus Kofoed and Magnus Nilsson.

The for non-Scandinavians difficult name to pronounce; “Sjømat på Sørlandet” (Seafood in Southern Norway) has for the past two years collaborated with Bon Vivant on inviting great culinary figures to participate in the growing evolvement of this region that produces a grand variety of pristine products.

Such as culinary explorer Diego Muñoz, Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2016 Kamilla Seidler, Copenhagen caviar prince Jonathan Berntsen of CLOU, as well as facilitating Esben Holmboe Bang of 3*Michelin Maaemo in Oslo.

Esben Holmboe-Bang, Kamilla Seidler, Jonathan Berntsen in Norway, 2017.


This year we’ve been asked to further intensify things and have invited four very interesting, diverse and immensely creative figures to the rocky Norwegian coast land, being;

Chef owner of Latin America’s Best Restaurant and World’s No. 8, Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura of Maido in Lima; former World’s Best Female Chef Elena Arzak of 3*Michelin Arzak in San Sebastián; New York City-based Noma co-founder Mads Refslund, and Purveyor of Pannonian Cuisine Alain Weissgerber of Taubenkobel in Austria; one of 18 chefs globally to be featured in “Michelin Stars – Tales from the kitchen”.

A Qualified Quartet.


Please find the full list of speakers that also includes Roger Asakil Joya of the 10-seat Michelin-awarded Tokyo-style counter in Stavanger, and legendary Danish vegetable guru and decade-long supplier of Noma, Søren Wiuff.

Being very local Sjømat på Sørlandet’s list of speakers is written in Norwegian.

Sjømat på Sørlandet, April 4-5, Rosfjord, Norway

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