Michelin Guide Managing Director attends the long awaited documentary alongside grand chefs, famous actors, food notabilities and global movie elite.


This Saturday “Michelin Stars – Tales From The Kitchen” features as the prestigious opening film of the Culinary Zinema: Film and Gastronomy Section at the 65th edition of the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

The production is a grand documentary, filmed over a two-year period and follows the lives, views and everyday of a long and diverse range of star chefs, global diners, food writers and Michelin management across the world. From New York City to Copenhagen, from San Sebastián to Tokyo.

At a moment in time, when humanity is obsessed with food – photographing every dish, worshipping cooks and flaunting trophy meals on social media, the documentary goes under the surface and offers an in-depth, honest and relevant view into the world and every day of Michelin chefs and restaurants

This by telling tales from a grand menu of culinary temples as well as digging into the greatness and flaws of Guide Michelin in this golden age of gastronomy.

Daniel Humm, New York City – Guy Savoy, Paris – Yoshimi Tanigawa, Kyoto. Three continents, three-starred Michelin excellence.


The otherwise very undercover French restaurant guide has on several occasions played ball with the in-depth film production, in order to give a greater understanding of the criteria involved in obtaining the highly coveted Michelin stars, which in some cases mean either life or death to ambitious restaurants.

Recognising Guide Michelin’s participance and culinary importance of the documentary Michelin Managing Director Michael Ellis attends the world premiere and following dinner at the Basque Culinary Center.

A dinner created by Elena Arzak of 3*Michelin Arzak in San Sebastián, Pannonian Purveyor Alain Weissgerber of Taubenkobel in Burgenland and Latin America’s Best Female Chef Kamilla Seidler of Gustu in La Paz.

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