Owner Klaus Piber and Chef Partner Alexander Theil invite “Latin America’s Best Female Chef” Kamilla Seidler to cook at a two-day event at Latin dining hotspot Mercado in Vienna’s 1st district, as a part of her 2017 World Expedition.

Wednesday April 20th and Thursday April 21th.


Kamilla Seidler is known in culinary circles for her great passion and social commitment, being part of a worldwide acclaimed restaurant creation: Gustu, and a full-scholarship kitchen-school project called Manq’a that provides knowledge, jobs and hope to a generation of youth who would otherwise be facing a very challenging future.

Through a monumental 2017 World Expedition through so far planned South,- Central and North America, Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East and with only 1% mise en place in her suitcase “The Dane of the Andes” blends her adopted home country’s flavours with local products of a world filled with vastly different cultures and cuisines.

Her mission is to spread the word of how Bolivia fight challenges through deliciousness, while discovering new colours and collaborations for future growth and expeditions.

See more at The Kamilla Seidler Expedition.


Local poster of Chef Seidler’s presence at Mercado.


In Vienna Kamilla Seidler and her team along with the experienced kitchen staff of Mercado, presents a tantalizing casual sharing plate menu of delicious servings as she would for friends at her house in La Paz.

Chef Seidler elaborates:

“This style of cooking comes from the inspiration of Bolivian recipes mixed with a new way of thinking food in my adopted home country. Bringing this style of food to Mercado is a celebration of this new tradition and what better than bringing it to beautiful Vienna at a restaurant that so diligently looks into Latin roots?”




Klaus Piber, owner of Mercado, travels for culinary experiences throughout Latin America. His interest and passion for Latin America was born when he met his wife, Luz, who originates from the Dominican Republic.

In the recent years Mr. Piber also has an increasing fascination for Bolivia and Chef Seidler’s cooking.

He explains:

“The way Gustu has taken the Nordic way of thinking food and translated it into a Latin American country’s ingredients and culinary DNA, and the clear success the restaurant has both commercially and socially is quite remarkable.”

“We are very much looking forward to introducing his distinctive style to our guests here at Mercado!”




Mercado is a lively restaurant located in the heart of Vienna where Latin American joie de vivre is spread. Vibrant colours as far as the eye can see: floral sofas, multicoloured walls, flowers pictured all around.

Every day the restaurant presents an innovative and modern take on Latin American cuisine. Executive Chef Partner Alexander Theil introduces an eclectic array of exquisite dishes freshly prepared and seasonally based.

The restaurant features an exotic blend inspired by market flavours of Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and various other Latin American regions, created mainly by pristine local Austrian ingredients.  


Latin ingredients also find their way onto the crafted cocktails which are made with fresh fruits infused in spirits of Pisco, Cachaça, Mezcal, Tequila or Rum.

An extensive wine list features bottles from Latin America, Spain, Italy, France, Austria and the United States, as well as all natural wines and craft beers.

The separate and secluded Cigar Lounge located in a beautiful old cellar stirs up an era gone by – 1950‘s Cuba – and is an exquisitely comfortable place to relax, unwind and enjoy an after dinner drink.




At Mercado you can enjoy a cuisine with a fascinating mix of cultures; the result of a vibrant heritage and transcendental immigration history.

After the two-day feast Kamilla Seidler’s menu is served at Mercado until May 21st, prepared by the safe hands of Chef Theil and his experienced team.



Who: Latin America’s Best Female Chef Kamilla Seidler cooks in Vienna.

When: Thursday April 20th and Friday April 21th.

Where: Mercado – Stubenring 18, Vienna 1010.

Reservations: +43 1 5122505 or

For press inquiries please contact Kristian Brask Thomsen at:



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