The 2017-18 edition of the White Guide Nordic will be released on Monday, June 26th – featuring almost 350 restaurants in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, including the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Svalbard.

In previous years the White Guide Nordic has been released in Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm – this will be its first release in Copenhagen, with a Nordic Forward Trend Seminar, the White Guide Global Gastronomy Award laureate announcement and the White Guide Nordic Dinner.


2004 turned out to be a defining year for the Nordic gastro scene when 12 top chefs came together to put the Nordic region on the gastronomic world map and the New Nordic Manifesto was born. A new generation of Nordic chefs have since made their mark, from Copenhagen over New York to Tokyo and Bolivia, spreading the idea of the manifesto.

The impact is huge – and continues to grow.


Latin America’s Best Female Chef Kamilla Seidler is one of the foremost examples of the Nordic way of thinking food successfully integrated into a different culture and everyday.

One thing is doing Nordic Cuisine in a different country. Another is to fully integrate its philosophy into vastly different products and a culinary history on the south-side of Equator as successfully done by the “Dane of the Andes”.

Kamilla Seidler is therefore the obvious choice to spearhead Nordic ForwardWhite Guide Nordic Gala Dinner together with Hotel & Restaurantskolen (Danish Culinary Academy).

The dinner and the lectures before will have the attendance by many Nordic leading chefs and restaurateurs. Program to be viewed and tickets to be purchased through this link.



Through a monumental 2017 World Expedition through South,- Central and North America, Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East and with only 1% mise en place in her suitcase “The Dane of the Andes” Kamilla Seidler blends her adopted home country’s flavours with local products of a world filled with different cultures and cuisines.

Her mission is to spread the word of how Bolivia fight challenges through deliciousness, while discovering new colours and collaborations for future growth and expeditions. Projects are currently planned on four continents.

In case of interest or/and press regarding Kamilla Seidler, please contact Kristian Brask Thomsen at:


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Hungry for more? Have a look at the Kamilla Seidler’s World Expedition.

Kamilla Seidler