Two Central European culinary dynasties of Pannonia heritage cook together at both their respective countryside oases in Austria and Slovenia. Two chefs exceptionally integrated in terroir, cooking the very soil of their origin.

Ana Roš of Hiša Franko meets Alain Weissgerber of Taubenkobel.


The first dinner takes its place at at Hiša Franko on Thursday October 17th in the lush Soča Valley – harsh, remote, but breathtakingly beautiful. Set at the foothills of the towering mountains and next to the emerald river, while sourcing from what the near nature has to offer, makes conditions and the setting for the first collaboration dinner nothing short of spectacular.




As a self-taught chef, Ana doesn’t adhere to any particular culinary style. Her cuisine is firmly based on the environment that provides all the produce and endless source of inspiration.

When she met Valter, Ana left her career in diplomacy to become a cook. After years of travelling and soaking up the experience Ana established her own, distinctive voice.

Her cuisine is expressive, intense and unorthodox, her philosophy is simple – follow the nature. Take what the season offers, combine the unexpected, don’t be afraid to take risks. When you come to her restaurant, the first rule is: try to relax, enjoy and put aside any prejudice you might have. When she fully express her culinary vision and the unique terroir, Ana creates magic.

The diet in these parts was always dairy and meat based, so expect a lot of cheese and all its by-products on Hiša Franko’s menu. The restaurant is closely knit with the community of foragers, shepherds, cheese makers, hunters and fishermen.

It’s an area abundant with trout, deer, goats, fruits and wild plants that Hiša Franko incorporate in their plates on a daily bases. The restaurant’s legacy goes back 50 years to where Valter’s father Franko served his famous English roast-beef in the house where, during World War I, Ernest Hemingway may or may not written “Farewell to Arms”.

Hiša Franko holds 17,5 points by Gault Millau and ranks #38 on The World 50 Best Restaurant List.




Known as one of the leading chefs of Central Europe and accoladed as 2018 “Austrian Chef of the Year”, the French-born Alain Weissgerber sees it as his mission to open people’s eyes to the richness of Austrian,- more specifically Pannonian cuisine.

He works very closely with local farmers, planning out the produce to be grown and farmed for every year, as well as substantial foraging.

Alain Weissgerber’s cuisine has a deep feeling of the countryside. Al-round created, combined and executed in a way that both comforts and conquerers eye, heart, tastebud and belly of the diner. It simply has terroir and blends perfectly in with the remaining experience of Taubenkobel. Supreme quality, creative, tasty as hell, fun and playful without being pretentious.

Once the cheapest house in Burgenland, Taubenkobel now boasts 12 luxurious, unique guest rooms, an exquisite restaurant and the more casual “Greisslerei” next door (16 points by Gault Millau), beautiful gardens and a small lake, transformed to be used as a natural swimming pool.

Opened 35 years ago by Barbara’s parents Walter and Eveline Eselböck, the place has quite literally grown and developed with the family, each generation bringing a new lease of life into what was simply a one room restaurant and kitchen. You feel how the family has built every stone themselves ever since.

This concept is delicately woven into every aspect of the association – from Alain’s eight o’clock forage for wild herbs to Walter’s well thought out interior design of each individual guest room – they have created an experience that is so personal and geographically specific, one can’t help but fall in love with it.

Taubenkobel holds 18 point by Gault Millau and held 2*Michelin until Guide Michelin stopped rating in Austria outside Salzburg and Vienna.



Who: Ana Roš of Hiša Franko and Alain Weissgerber of Taubenkobel.

When: Thursday, October 17th.

Where: Hiša Franko, Staro Selo 1, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenia

Menu: 12-course tasting menu at € 150.

Reservations: +386 5 389 41 20 or at www.hisafranko.com


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