An all-in Italian dinner at The Ritz-Carlton in Moscow.


On March 5th Francesco Gasbarro of 1*Michelin La Bottega in Geneva cooks and 8-course menu alongside Sergey Andreychenko, Chef of Sartoria Lamberti, the brand-new gastronomic fashion atelier created by Uilliam Lamberti.

Both chefs merge food and fashion in their own way. Sartoria by having collaborations with the most impressive designers, La Bottega – by inviting the best worlds’ chefs to cook in Geneva. Last, but not least, both chefs consider Italian cuisine in a fresh way and makes it stylish and modern.

Come join a buzzing and fun-loving Italian night where gastronomy meets fashion in one of the most creative dining rooms of the Russian capital.

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Francesco’s passion for cooking goes back to his very youth, when he started working in various Florentine restaurants. After achieving expertise in his profession, he launched his own restaurant in the residential area of Campo di Marte in Florence.

Francesco focuses his professional philosophy on a spectrum of traditional Italian and Tuscan dishes expressed in a modern language. An impassioned devotion to experimentation and a marriage of the highest-quality ingredients are the hallmarks of Chef Gasbarro, along with a profound knowledge of wine that has his main focus at La Bottega in Geneva.

1*Michelin La Bottega overlooks the magnificent Place Deneuve which also hosts the Grand Théâtre de Genève, newly renovated, and the bucolic Parc des Bastions. La Bottega is at the end of the elegant Rue de la Corraterie where Geneva top shops and galleries can be found.

Enjoying a Gault Millau ranking of 16/20, La Bottega is also awarded by a Michelin star in the prestigious red guide. Enter the restaurant and discover the beautiful interior decoration of the Italian architects Sestini and Forti.

They emphasised simplicity and authenticity. Various noble fabrics are to be discovered, such as raw glazed wooden tables, black leather seats on the elegant chairs, light fabrics used for the curtains.

La Bottega was awarded with a Michelin star after just 7 months. Michelin states: “La Bottega uses top quality ingredients and makes dishes with distinct flavours, carefully prepared to a consistently high standard.”



Sergey Andreychenko belongs to new wave of young and promising chefs in Russia. Ukrainian by roots, he spent his childhood in Paris where he tried his hand in gastronomy for the first time.

At 16 years old he was back to Kiev from Lille, where he made his first steps at the professional kitchen. At first, in the Armenian restaurant, then in the team of Denis Komarenko, one of the best chefs of Ukraine.

Before meeting with Uilliam Lamberti, Italian chef and businessman who brought him to a big game, Sergey has been working in Poland and Turkey.

Once he was back to Moscow as a souschef at Community, he was noticed by Uilliam and was proposed to head the kitchen of Montifiori at Patriarchy Ponds, and then, in November 2019, he became the head chef of Sartoria Lamberti, one of the most promising projects of Moscow culinary map.

Sartoria Lamberti is a gastronomic atelier located on the ground floor of The Ritz-Carlton Moscow. Food and fashion are intertwined as closely as possible. As you enter the restaurant you are welcomed with a small studio in which a seamstress embroiders monograms on gifts.

And here, next to it, is an open-air kitchen where the chef prepares classic and modern fashionable Italian dishes. You can see exhibits of the Italian Fashion Museum on mannequins in shining showcases. Each year Sartoria collaborates with one of the best Italian tailors to create a collection of designer costumes for their front of house staff.

The place where an Italian passion for food meets an Italian love for fashion. Classy handmade. Designed by Uilliam Lamberti, style of Alex Alekminsky.

Uilliam Lamberti, Creator of Sartoria Lamberti.



What: Gasbarro/Andreychenko Collaboration Dinner

When: Thursday, March 5th 2020

Where: Sartoria Lamberti, The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

Price: 7500 rubles for an 8-course Italian tasting menu

Reservations: +7 495 7950025 or

For press inquiries please contact Kristian Brask Thomsen at:



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