Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Punto MX in Madrid this year, Michelin-starred Mexican chef Roberto Ruiz over four months greet four of today’s top culinary exponents of his home country.

The third invitee is Diego Hernández Baquedano – Chef and Owner of the outmost charming Corazón de Tierra, placed #38 on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants List and situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.



In 2012 Punto MX opened its doors betting on authentic Mexican cuisine, showing Spanish diners completely unknown products and elaborations.

In 2014 it became the first Mexican restaurant in Europe to receive a Michelin star, giving the deserved recognition to this – at the time – quite risky exponent of the Aztec culture and tradition.

This May Punto MX reached its fifth year, its 712,000th taco, 260,000th avocado and 200,000th cocktail, and invited the first of four great and very different Mexican chefs to the heart of Spain.

Juana Amaya

Above: Juana Amaya and Roberto Ruiz on the corner of Punto MX. Below: Edgar Nuñez and Roberto Ruiz in the kitchen backyard of Punto MX.

Edgar Roberto

The first invitee was the legendary Juana Amaya; the highest representative of traditional cuisine in Oaxaca and considered being the Priestess of Mole, the complex sauce that brings together up to as many as 40 ingredients.

The second invitee was Edgar Nuñez – Chef and Co-Owner of unstoppable Sud777, placed #11 on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants List and an outstanding communicator of Mexican products and cuisine.

Now Diego Hernández Baquedano of Corazón de Tierra enters Punto MX in the heart of Spain, July 19-22nd, to cook modern versions of traditional dishes such as the tamal, Mexican bean soup, or pain d’epice with nopal dessert.

Hernández’s motto is “organic, local, sustainable,” – the restaurant grows its own herbs, fruits, vegetables and even olive oil and honey, with other ingredients supplied locally.




Observant and devoted to local ingredients, Chef Diego Hernandez Baquedano educated himself at the best kitchens in Mexico, where he learned from stature chefs such as Enrique Olvera Figueras and Guillermo González Beristáin.

Diego’s Restaurant Corazon de Tierra has been recognized multiple times as one of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants and after 6 years is today’s reference in terms of what can be done when you work closely with on-site gardens, terroir and regional ingredients.

Corazon de Tierra1

Corazon de Tierra2

Corazon de Tierra3


Hailing from nearby Ensenada, Hernández has worked with great Mexican chefs including Enrique Olvera, Guillermo González Beristáin and Benito Molina. He opened Corazón de Tierra in 2011 and also owns the nearby Troika taco truck.

Diego Hernández Baquedano at Punto MX is a full take over of Robert Ruiz’s kitchen, with Ruiz’s team’s assistance for both lunch and dinner for four days, July 19-22nd.

After Diego Hernández Baquedano’s visit, Chef Robert Ruiz invites José Manuel Baños of Pitiona in Oaxaca – like Juana Amaya, Edgar Nuñez and Diego Hernández Baquedano, then Chef Baños is a great communicator of Mexican cuisine, products and culture.




Chef Roberto Ruiz of Punto MX exclusively offers his excellence to lectures, food festivals, consultancy and exclusive dinner parties.

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