We’re delighted to inform that Bon Vivant Communications has partnered with RSVP – a global community and booking site specialising in the facilitation of pop up and collaboration dinners around the world.

The creative tech-company has, in a short time, led the way and helped countless chefs, restaurateurs and organisers globally.

RSVP is now used as either their online facilitator for bookings, promotion and suppliers when in foreign parts of the world, or simply as an user-friendly booking site for guests when creating temporary dinner projects at their restaurants, thereby decreasing time wasted and no-shows, as well as minimising loss and increasing profits.


To give but a few examples:

One Star House Party – A team of 6 people are traveling the world, doing 20 pop-ups over the course of 20 months in 20 different cities. They started in the fall of 2016 and will end in summer 2018, and will visit different places from the Himalayas and Bangkok, Mexico City and Buenos Aires to Berlin and Florence.

CLOU – a Copenhagen Michelin-accoladed restaurant, voted as 2016/17 Danish restaurant of the year, opens an 11-day pop up soirée in a jazz club in Tokyo, with RSVP helping to facilitate this cultural fusion project.

La Nave de Sake – Culinary exploration in Cooking in Motions’ beautiful new sake showroom and test kitchen combined. Located in an old warehouse in the up-and-coming El Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona.


In Barcelona? Throughout March Cooking in Motion creates “La Nave de Sake” – a special event where the highly skilled guerilla chef Sebastian Mazzola and sake sommelier Sussie Villarico hosts an Asian-inspired tasting menu for a maximum of 12 guests per night in a stylish warehouse apartment of El Poblenou.


RSVP offers chefs and organisers the space to be creative and perform feats of culinary excellence instead of spending excessive time on taking bookings or pushing papers. It’s not a lack of demand on the market for pop-ups that limits restaurateurs from creating them, but more the slim margins, short time and the trouble of promoting a temporary event effectively.

These are cornerstones of what RSVP aims to improve.

Due to Bon Vivant Communication’s expansion of global interests over the past years – especially the last 3 – well meant instigators have reached out to us with numerous ideas in order to draw on our wide experience of culinary diplomacy, exclusive dinner parties, star chef world tour managements and global networking, and to work with us on various projects; from culinary city guide apps to a profitable Hollywood reality show on Dining Impossible.

We have been extremely careful not to cash in by selling out, but instead have continuously added higher creative value whilst expanding our global reach and striving to achieve excellence within the many projects that our culinary embassy is involved in. How the world views our work 50 years from now is more important to us than money. Imagine Bon Vivant as a Michelin-starred restaurant; there are some things we can do and others we can’t in the pursuit of a perfection which we will hopefully never reach.


In Tokyo? For 11 days in May, Michelin-accoladed Restaurant CLOU of Copenhagen performs culinary excellence a pop up soirée at Super Deluxe Jazz Club in the thrilling Japanese capital.


With RSVP we’ve chosen to commit fully, as we had a similar idea on the drawing board in order to facilitate our own and our partners’ events. But by discovering and using RSVP while witnessing its general progress, we realised it would be wiser – and more prosperous in the long term – to take up the offer of joining forces, rather than being competitors.

CEO and co-founder of RSVP Tiffany Ng states:

“Under Kristian Brask Thomsen’s leadership, Bon Vivant has gained a reputation for excellence and quality in bringing about global gastronomic diplomacy. With one of the most sought-after networks in this field, RSVP looks forward to merging our industry knowledge and utilising our technological capabilities with Bon Vivant to vastly expand and change the future of the pop-up dining industry.”


In a world where chefs, restaurateurs and organisers’ options for online pop up booking platforms are limited to massive sites where their culinary events easily get lost in between rock concerts and baby showers, RSVP instead connects gastro-pop-up events globally as a platform that brings together foodies who seek new immersive food experiences with the organisers who create them.

RSVP not only profiles your events directly to your potential guests; it offers a better, cheaper, more customised and flexible solution to organisers than any online platforms out there. It’s needless to say that RSVP comes with our greatest recommendation – so please do take advantage of it.

Read more about the exciting pop-up restaurant company in this recent article with Tiffany Ng in US grand culinary media Honest Cooking, and should you wish to be put in contact with management and see what can be done for you, then feel free to reach out for a direct introduction.


We are your service as needed.


Bon Vivant Communication is a global culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

The diplomacy speaks to a strong network of 600 journalists, bloggers and writers, as well as 2500 luxury diners around the globe.

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