Awarded with two Michelin stars the first year after opening Cocina Hermanos Torres added a recent green Michelin star, the restaurant has quickly earned its place amongst Barcelona’s absolute top restaurants.


If the unfortunate fall of the Adrià-kingdom has brought anything good to Barcelona, it is revealing what great quality and diversity the iconic city’s food scene has beyond the internationally known usual suspects – top spots included. The most sparkling of those being Cocina Hermanos Torres situated in a 800-square metres industrial space in the Les Corts-quarter of the Catalan capital.

The two Michelin-starred restaurant is a grand stage where guests are spectators to three buzzing cooking stations in the center of the dining room with tables dressed in white lined surrounding it, and then again five different smaller kitchens behind those tables – pastry, bakery, cold sections etc in rooms behind glass windows of the dining room. It’s a scene and a great example to how the restaurant and theatre industry goes hand in hand from a visual perspective.

Add to this a hyper creative and playful new haute cuisine inspired by Spanish tradition and childhood memories added wizardry, a touch of France, a pinch of Brazil. It’s an avant-garde fairytale of flavours; the spiral of truffle cream, hazelnut, almond bread, thyme and lemon, drawn with a 3D printer being a great example to twins Sergio and Javier’s vision of how a culinary beauty moment should look like.

3D-spiral of truffle cream, hazelnut, almond bread, thyme and lemon

Mind-blowing onion soup with black truffles


And yet this could be the first time you read about Hermanos Torres.

Spanish is the language of a former empire, today natively spoken by half a billion people from Barcelona to Buenos Aires. In many ways, the language and its people live within their own universe of Hispanic multinational cultures and with general little need to read or view English media – like most non-Spanish speaking people don’t have a greater interest in what goes on in the Hispanic-speaking counterpart.

But in Spain and Latin America the Torres-twins are as famous as they come with decades of TV-shows and appearances. Everyone, from aspiring chefs to grandmothers know who they are, and with good reason.

However, this doesn’t save Hermanos Torres from being a part of the previously mentioned, partly disconnected Hispanic bubble and for that reason their exceptional restaurant is still a culinary gem to many – very happily – surprised international diners when visiting Barcelona.


So it is also with great pleasure that we announce that it now is Bon Vivant’s mission to change that and help Cocina Hermanos Torres become a natural first choice to dine at. To make the restaurant as desired by internationals as it is by locals, to have it take its rightful place amongst the usual suspects that you absolutely have to visit when you enter the self-confident capital of Catalonia.

Because it really is that good.

Should you be interested in more insights into this electrifying establishment, please read “Hermanos Torres: A Life-long Master Plan” recently published by US-media Honest Cooking.

Cocina Hermanos Torres is open for both lunch and dinner five days a week. In case of interest please make your reservation here.

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Hungry for more? Have a look at Cocina Hermanos Torres’ universe.