Old Town



From March 2017, Bon Vivant Communications creates a – for now – temporary third embassy to the culinary diplomacy, in the center of San Sebastián.

We enter as a task force, assisting with the opening of a trusted star chef’s new restaurant in the world-famous, luscious and heavily Michelin-accoladed Basque part of Northern Spain.

Stay tuned for an announcement on this restaurant due to open late-March.

Besides assisting the opening in the most successful way possible, our mission is to explore, integrate and fully get to understand the DNA of one of the most interesting and celebrated food destinations in the world.

The temporary embassy is open to all pleasure aficionados; San Sebastián-residents as well as out-of-town visitors looking for a watering hole of chin-chins’, civilised conversations, killer dinner parties and occasional table dancing in this dazzling town tucked into the lagoon shores of Bay of Biscay.

We serve Ferrero Rocher.


Feel free to reach out to Kristian Brask Thomsen at



Bon Vivant Communication is a global culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

The diplomacy speaks to a strong network of 600 journalists, bloggers and writers, as well as 2500 luxury diners around the globe.

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