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After a hectic first week in Barcelona the nomad Italian pop up restaurant Barbershop got settled in and started refining its tasteful dishes, also adding a delicious new amuse – the grilled octopus with potato foam and aioli in crusty bread.

Run by Chef Walter El Nagar, Barbershop has been shaking Los Angeles gastro scene for the past 4 years with. At Barbershop Chef El Nagar displays a cooking style defined as an exciting mix of Italian roots and flavours, Californian formats and subtle international influences.

Barcelona is the first city on a tour through the Mediterranean Europe. For the second set of nights, La Foodieteca was the venue where Walter el Nagar displayed his delicious creations before an exciting audience of experienced diners. 

This is what happened.


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Mise en place cleared – ready for guests.

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The Octopus…

Barbershop_Barcelona_Walter_Nagar (16)

Potato foam filled in crusty bread…

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Barbershop_Barcelona_Walter_Nagar (20)

Et violà: Grilled octopus with potato foam and Aioli in crusty bread.



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Team at work

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Barbershop was originally born for the need of Chef El Nagar expressing the things he learned as a young chef and has been created in numerous neighbourhoods of Los Angeles, always evolving and adapting to every situation; growing in popularity while grabing all influences it could in a melting pot of tasty cultures.




“Irreverent and surprising”, as Walter describes it, his way of cooking is an expression of three factors: His Italian origin that makes him love and use Mediterranean flavours above all others – citrus, olive oil, sun vegetables and sea food -, his Californian raising that makes him come up with quick, light and trendy dishes,- and his international influence and inspirations as he has cooked along many fellow chefs from all over the world, which gives his dishes small trace of exotic and varied cuisines.



Hen’s favourite chicken.


Fish & Cheese: Burrata, hot and cold seafood, vermouth ponzu.


The pairing: Gin Mare and 1724 tonic.

Barbershop_Barcelona_Walter_Nagar (34)

Cacio e ovo crudo: Asparagus, liquorice sabayon, parmigiano reggiano.

Barbershop_Barcelona_Walter_Nagar (35)

Its pairing: Nigori Sake.

Barbershop_Barcelona_Walter_Nagar (38)



Star dish: Sea Urchin Linguine with marinated tomato, black garlic and clams.

Barbershop_Barcelona_Walter_Nagar (39)

Barbershop_Barcelona_Walter_Nagar (1)

Squab (young pigeon), burnt eggplant, wild mushrooms, coffee and pairing: Mas La Mola red wine.



Candied tomato, white chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.


Your moment of Zen.


Barbershop Ristorante continues in Barcelona until end July 2016 before setting up in other parts of the Mediterranean Europe. For future tantalizing dinners, please visit Barbershop’s website (press link).

In case of interest or/and press, please contact Marta Perez at:



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