Japanese/French chef and owner of Restaurant A.T . Introducing a dynamic, artistic and progressive cuisine with multiple influences to the palates of Paris.

Let’s make one thing clear:

Atsushi Tanaka’s cuisine isn’t Japanese. Neither is it Spanish, Scandinavian nor Parisian, despite the fact that he has spent better half of his life training in the latter and has been highly influenced by a number of European culinary techniques, including molecular, Nordic Cuisine and Classic French.

When asked to categorize his cooking Chef Tanaka simply states “impossible”.


His impressive resume includes Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, Quique Dacosta of Alicante, Pastorale, Antwerpen and Sergio Herman, Sluis, – top-Scandinavian restaurants such as Geranium in Copenhagen, and Frantzén and Oaxen Krog, both of the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

All in all, Atsushi Tanaka is rich in diversity something that has constructed his culinary identity; all of his culinary experiences are a part of him, giving him the edge over both Japanese and French chefs serving up more classic offerings in Paris.

Situated in Paris’s Latin Quarter A.T. continues to exceed the expectations and progresses in every way possible. Perhaps not surprisingly it was noted as ‘One of the 12 Coolest Places to Eat in 2015‘ by Forbes Magazine.


A.T.’s cooking is light and every dish on the tasting menu tells a story, each as important as the next in terms of the journey it takes you on, and in a sense the dishes are a translation of his Atsushi Tanaka’s own culinary journey.

An advocate for subtle flavours, Atsushi Tanaka can be inspired by something as simple as a shade of green, often limiting his dishes to two or three products of the same colour, creating a number of different textures from just the one ingredient, simply naming a dish ‘Camouflage’.

A.T.s creations are a mixture of poetry, art, colour and taste. It’s base ground of charcoal, topped with flowers and foie gras and, at times, a bit crazy. Today, 16 years after he started cooking at Pierre Gagnaire, the master himself refers to Atsushi Tanaka as “Picasso of the kitchen”.


Atsushi Tanaka exclusively offers his gastronomic excellence for lectures, food festivals, consultancy, private dining and exclusive dinner parties.

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