After 14 years of cooking his way through the world Argentinean chef Paulo Airaudo this year settled down in the Basque Country, where he from scratch created an ambitious dining project and remarkably early has earned his seat at the coveted high table of grand chefs and restaurateurs in one of the most recognised culinary destinations of the world.


This evening, Wednesday November 22nd, the grand gala of Guide Michelin Spain & Portugal 2018 was held at a full Ritz-Carlton in Tenerife, Canary Islands, recognising the absolute best restaurants of the Iberian Peninsula and territorial islands.

Here Amelia was one of 17 new restaurants that received a first Michelin star and the only newcomer accoladed with a such in San Sebastián.

The majestic town tucked into the lagoons of Bay of Biscay along with the rest of the Basque Country otherwise remained on status quo, besides Eneko Jatetxea in Larrabetzu, just outside Bilbao, by Eneko Axta of Azurmendi-fame that also received its first Michelin star.

The opening of Amelia in April 2017 was viewed upon with equal wonder and surprise as no expat had opened a restaurant of this calibre before in San Sebastián; the for decades globally praised food destination and one of the most Michelin-accoladed areas in the world per capita, already filled with world-celebrated restaurants that draw one headliner after another.

But Argentinean-born Paulo Airaudo has managed to do so with an impressive dedication, and within just two months he transformed an old timber wood shop into a two-storey full throttle restaurant in the heart of Zona Romantica.

A restaurant designed with gray tones and natural materials such as wood stand out and is characterised by its minimalist, almost Nordic approach and flavoured with comics art, Mario Bros figures, Star Wars paintings and gadgets that refer to Pop Art culture and the early 90’s when Paulo Airaudo grew up.

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Amelia serves a frequently changing and very personal 10-course tasting menu, combining different flavours, textures and memories gathered through more than a decade of cooking and seeking culinary excellence all over the world; an otherwise restless culinary nomad has found his home – so personal that he has named the restaurant after his, then, 2-year old daughter, Amelia.

The seemly quick road to success has not been easy – but without any comprise, also resulting in creative acknowledgments such as from the association with JRE (Jeunes Restauraneurs) and Euro Toques Spain, and invitations to participate in significant events such as the inaugural dinner of San Sebastián Gastronómika.

Also the creation of the pre-launch dinner for “Michelin Stars – Tales from the kitchen” during the San Sebastián International Film Festival; cooking at BBVA Bilbao Food Capital 2017; the “Celebrity Chef Series” in Bahrain, not to mention that Chef Airaudo himself instigated “San Sebastián Dinner Series”; six collaboration dinners extraordinaire a year, inviting a diverse range of interesting chefs from around the world to cook in Donostia.



Paulo Airaudo was born in Argentina to a family of Italian immigrants and, since he was 18, has worked in many parts of the world; in Mexico, Peru and many European countries. In Europe he gained experience in restaurants such as Arzak (3*Michelin) in San Sebastián, The Fat Duck (3*Michelin) near London and Magnolia (1*Michelin) in Italy.

In 2015 he co-created La Bottega – a forward thinking modern trattoria in the historic part of Geneva. Only four months later the restaurant received its first Michelin star. Now Paulo Airaudo has finally opened his signature restaurant in the heart of San Sebastián where his European adventure originally began.

When opening Amelia, Chef Airaudo stated:

“My family loves San Sebastián. I love San Sebastián. We’re happy here which is the main reason to build this restaurant. At the same time this magical town has the eye of chefs and foodies globally upon it, which in a way makes it possible for me to offer my food to the world.”

At Amelia Paulo Airaudo does not only pay homage to future generations, but also the past, as he cites his grandparents as a huge inspiration for his fascination with cooking.

After over a decade of cooking and seeking culinary excellence nomad chef has finally found his home – even naming the ambitious endeavour after his 2-year-old daughter, Amelia, which means this time he’s here to stay.

This time it’s personal.



Amelia is located in the romantic area of San Sebastian, hidden in a little busy street a javelin throw from El Buen Pastor Cathedral. It’s a modern restaurant with space for 28 diners only, serves a frequently changing tasting menu that combines different flavours, textures and memories in creations that makes guests’ culinary trip an unique experience.

The work philosophy focuses on using seasonal, sustainable, raw material and the revaluation of forgotten products. The kitchen at Amelia mainly relate to small producers who share its values, who go over markets to provide fresh and top quality products daily.

The wine selection of Italian sommelier Mario Giunti shares the same philosophy; covering different countries of the world, making sure methods of production is biological or biodynamic. Mario has chosen to serve 90% of Amelia’s wines by the glass, offering guests the possibility to taste the greatest variety possible.

Sommelier Mario Giunti in his wine cellar.



The goal is to offer a unique experience, creating perfect harmony between seasonal products and technique in the kitchen, expressing itself to a maximum. To carry out this mission Amelia serves the tasting menu in two versions – a short menu and the extended 10-course seasonal menu, respectfully at the cost of 79€ and 100€.

AMELIA, Moraza 1B (Door in Prim, 34) 20006 Donostia, San Sebastián (ES), Telephone: +34 943 845 647.

OPENING HOURS, Wednesday to Saturday for dinner, 07.30pm – 10.00pm, Thursday to Saturday for lunch, 01.00pm – 03.00pm.

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