We believe in a greater storytelling based on alluring through heart, experience, vision, happenings, flair, good times and pure facts.

We help, – and create culinary stars. And we throw a killer dinner party.



You see a beautiful woman in a restaurant, walk over to her and say: “Listen, I’m great in bed!”

– That’s Direct Marketing.

Same restaurant: You say hello, chit-chat and get her phone number. The day after you call her up and tell her: “Hey, I’m great in bed!”

-That’s Telemarketing.

Now one of your friends approach her – point at you saying: “He’s great in bed!”

– That’s Advertising.

New restaurant and she’s there again. You get up from your seat, adjust your tie – walk towards her and offer her a drink. You charm her, make her laugh, pick up her bag if she drops it, open the door for her and drive her home. On the way home you discreetly let her know how great you are in bed.

– That’s PR.

Finally – in your favourite restaurant, this stunning woman walks across the room – gets very up close and wispers: “I hear you’re amazing in bed – come on let’s go…”

– That’s Excellent Branding.


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