“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”

Bon Vivant Communications is a Copenhagen and Barcelona based company specializing in culinary diplomacy, exclusive dinner parties, cultural marketing and entrepreneurism. Our core expertise are in brand management especially for gourmet restaurants and star chefs, but also high class wineries, châteaux and food photographers – serving clients in Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, New York City, San Francisco and Moscow.

As creator of various projects within food, wine, art, nightlife and social networking the company works closely with various luxury hotels, gourmet festivals and bespoke concierge services as well as speaking to a strong network of 350 journalists, bloggers and writers, plus 1600 luxury diners around the globe. 

Together, the mission is to fuse fine dining with leisure, luxury and travel in a way that takes full advantage of this golden age of gastronomy.

For information, press and credentials, please contact:

Kristian Brask Thomsen /  e-mail:

“Kristian Brask Thomsen, a sommelier turned professional bon vivant and culinary ambassador with one of the world’s best rolodexes.” - Forbes Magazine.

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