With personalities alike Latin America’s No. 1 Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura, Asia’s No. 2 Zaiyu Hasegawa and a grand rooster of Michelin-awarded chefs, Warsaw holds a culinary world’s attention for three days.


Lexus Hybrid Cuisine is a culinary symposium added gala diner and public tastings in the presence of international celebrated chefs and takes place April 11-13th in Warsaw, Poland with the attendance of seven chefs honoured with a total of ten Michelin stars and several World’s 50 Best List-presence.

The international star chefs attending are:

Mitsuharu Tsumura of Maido in Lima, Zaiyu Hasegawa of Den in Tokyo, Søren Selin of AOC in Copenhagen, Fredrik Berselius of Aska in New York City, Dani García of Daní Garcia Group in Marbella, Josean Alija of Nerua in Bilbao and Jonathan K. Berntsen of CLOU in Copenhagen.

Hosts of the event presenting Polish Cuisine will be six chefs including and under the leadership of Robert Trzópek (Bez Gwiazdek, Warsaw): Justyna Słupska-Kartaczowska (Jadka, Wroclaw), Marcin Popielarz (Biały Królik, Gdynia), Jacek Grochowina (Nolita, Warsaw), Bartek Szymczak (Rozbrat Twenty, Warsaw), Paweł Pojawa (Sugar, Suwałki).


The event will be held over three days and includes a first day of conference for Polish and foreign media in the penthouse of the fabulous Zlata 44 skyscraper overlooking Stalin’s unofficial 8th sister; Palace of Culture and Science.

This followed by a Chefs’ Creative Meeting with discussions amongst others on Central-Eastern Europe as a possible future gastro destination, cutting edge ideas, inspiration and global trends of the culinary world.

The second day is dedicated to a Grand Gala Dinner cooked by the invited international guest chefs interpetating Polish produce for 350 patrons and socialites in the dazzling location of Ufficio Primo built in a modern Renaissance style in the very heart of the city.

An Open Gourmet at the top floor of the fashionable VITKAC luxury brand store end things on third day, with public tastings of the seven chefs’ creations, giving Polish food lovers a chance to try a great palate of different cuisines while being up close and personal with the visiting chefs.

10 Michelin Stars and several World’s 50 Best-postions shines over Warsaw.


The main sponsor of the highly creative three-day event is Lexus. Media partners are amongst others Fine Dining Lovers, Kukbuk and Food Service. AdComms headed by Monika Biedrzycka is responsible for the idea and execution and in international collaboration with Bon Vivant Communications.

For further info please look into this in-depth article “Could Poland be next hotspot for culinary tourism?” by US gastro media Honest Cooking, as well as the official website of the grand event.

Lexus Hybrid Cuisine furthermore serves as the fourth and final stop for the first part of The Maido Voyage by Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura where the Japanese/Peruvian gastro-wizard goes through the world’s cultures and cuisines, spreading the grand deliciousness of Nikkei Cuisine.

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