Space is the next endeavour for the world’s wildest dinner party.

By Kristian Brask Thomsen


2010-19. What a series of years.

A decade where the idea of a dinner party. Well, 138 of them to be exact, changed my life. From The Dinner Party over Dining Impossible to the almost otherworldly DI:JET. A dinner party that took me from a devastating bankruptcy to the very opposite.

Not because Dining Impossible is a goldmine in itself. By far. On occasions I’ve even lost money to see things through in various continents.

No, instead because dreaming up and hosting the ultimate dinner party has offered incredible beauty moments through miles of white table cloths across the world. A world I’ve had the opportunity to explore, experience and embrace through its finest cuisines – and people.

This in the company of the most interesting notabilities and personalities with whom kind, genuine and long term friendships have been forged.

Through these – and the extraordinary global press coverage that Dining Impossible and my persona have received over the past decade, then countless opportunities have risen – from representing star restaurants, over filmmaking to creating chef world tours, curating food festivals and performing grand lectures, just to mention some.

Press play and enjoy the DI:SPACE theme.


We live in a golden age of gastronomy with food being a language we all speak, just in different dialects. Nothing connects the world across countries, cultures, religions and race like food does today and in my ever romantic heart I actually believe the key to world peace to be in – you guessed it – food.

But I also know my limits as a philosophical statesman at amateur level; it’s not going to be me who finds or creates that key, though I will love to help. Instead I have an explorer’s heart, seeking a lifetime full of adventures, trying to go where no man has gone before. Or at least create new ways of doing so.

So with the greatest possibility of being ridiculed, then allow me to present you to the next milestone of my constant evolving dining endeavour; to be merged, developed, financed, executed and – most importantly, hosted with grand bravour during 2020-29.



That’s right. The world’s wildest dinner party will take place up above the atmosphere under a billion stars.

“That’s impossible – the man has clearly lost it”, you might think – it’s alright. I’ve heard that before. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Because it will.

On that note Happy New Year! I wish you all a prosperous decade to come, filled with love and happiness. See you in space😘


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The Space Rock – a piece of gnarled, blue-gray chocolate already developed that looks like a meteorite and comes in different flavours.