Danish Chef on a mission to champion Bolivian Cuisine. Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2016. Born in Copenhagen, living in La Paz.

When people meet Kamilla Seidler for the first time, they’re often baffled: who is this pale-skinned, blonde-haired Danish woman with perfect Spanish at the helm of Bolivia’s No.1 restaurant? But the unlikely champion of Bolivian cuisine has done more for gastronomy in her adopted country in recent years than any local chef, earning herself the title of “Dane of the Andes”.



Before moving to Bolivia in 2012, Seidler’s cooking career was already on firm footing. She had worked in some of the world’s best kitchens, from Mugaritz in San Sebastián and Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire, to locally celebrated restaurants Paustian and Geist in her native Copenhagen.

Now, she runs Gustu together with Michelangelo Cestari, a Venezuelan-born chef whom she met when they worked together at Mugaritz. Seidler handles the cooking and Cestari takes care of the administrative part: “He loves the maths,” says Seidler, “and I prefer to geek out over something on a Silpat”.

Since they arrived in Bolivia their reconnaissance missions have taken them around the country, from the Altiplano to the national park of Madidi where they visited the outskirts to feast on braised monkeys and fluffy-haired wild boar called hochi.

Gustu has an idea, and that idea is a whole country. So the team travels to the Amazons, the mountains, everywhere so they can develop as chefs and at the same time help a country develop.

Kamilla Seidler 5

Keeping a menu 100% Bolivian at the country’s most successful fine dining restaurant is somewhat of a challenge, but it’s one to which Seidler is firmly committed. With a huge sense of responsibility to farmers and producers across the country, she wants to make sure a fair price is always paid and that local workers receive an education as well as an income.

This means developing dishes based on whatever the farmers want to sell, be it not-so-dainty purple potatoes or huge quantities of alligator.

Fachada Gustu Final

A combination of natural talent and culinary creativity allows Seidler to transform the most basic Bolivian products, like anticuchos, or beef heart skewers, into beautiful dishes fit for the fine dining table.

But her success goes beyond the restaurant and across South America, where she spends time travelling to study and educate people to use the right products responsibly. It’s this combination of culinary skill and social commitment that have helped earn Seidler her reputation as one of the finest cooks in the region and, now, the esteemed title of “Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2016″.

Kamilla Siedler exclusively offers her gastronomic excellence for lectures, food festivals, consultancy, private dining and exclusive dinner parties.

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Kamilla Siedler



Read about Kamilla’s impression on receiving the title of Latin America’s Best Female Chef on her own words.


Gustu, housed in an imposing gray concrete cube with a bank of protruding windows, is both a restaurant and an experiment in social uplift.


“In our experience, it’s difficult to connect with the product,” Seidler told the indigenous women. “There’s a market, but we need the connection. Together we can work on the quality.”


Gustu is a fine-dining restaurant, but it is also part of a project with a much more altruistic aim: to rediscover and develop the indigenous food culture in a country where half of the population live in poverty, but where the rich biodiversity offers huge culinary potential.


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Silky palm marrow with crunchy alpaca and poached egg yolk.

Silky palm marrow gustu kamilla siedler

Lama tartar with nasturtium, yuca crisps, rice and marrow mayonnaise.

'Tartar de llama, capuchina, crocante de yuca y yema de huevo'

Lamb tail, lamb with ‘chuño’, blackberry and ‘pinta boca’ chips.

'Cola de cordero con arándanos y papa pinta boca'

Caramelized oca, orange sorbet and banana-vinegar toffee.


Chocolate bizchoco with spicy cocoa garrapiñado and cocoa sorbet.

'Bizcocho de chocolate con sorbete de cacao y cacao garrapiñado'


“Young Danish Chef Seidler possesses a powerful culinary talent, and is fully committed to her mission to turn Gustu into a reference for Bolivian gastronomy.”

– The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.



The Peruvian Ambassador to Finland invites Superstar Chef Diego Muñoz to cook for two days at Nikkei success restaurant Pastor in Helsinki alongside Head Chef Robert Von Bell, as a part of his 2016 world exploration through 22 countries, cultures and cuisines in search of his future culinary DNA.

October 6th & 7th.


Widely renown as one of the world’s most talented and creative chefs, Diego Muñoz flawlessly executes a complex layering of flavors with extreme attention to detail with an innovative and clean style.

Until recently Executive Chef at the world renowned Astrid y Gastón at Casa Moreyra in Lima, Peru, since 2012, where he led the restaurant from #42 to #14 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurant List and #2 of Latin America.


Earlier this year Diego Muñoz announced his departure from Astrid y Gastón, instead to devote a year to culinary exploration, adventure and limited time-based projects around the world with the highest possible culinary value in a melting pot of different cuisines and cultures, and in that way create the formula of the culinary DNA for his future main restaurant to be.

During a highly concentrated 2016 Chef Muñoz explores Europe, South, -Central and North America, Asia and the Middle East through 22 different culinary projects across the world.


Above: Cooking for 200 refugees alongside 3*Michelin Sven Elverfeld in Germany. Below: Dinner with 2*Michelin Chef José Avillez in Portugal.


Below: With 1*Michelin Chef Matt Lambert in his urban garden during a three-nights collaboration dinner at The Musket Room in New York City.




Pastor was founded 2 years ago and serves Nikkei cuisine – the electing mix of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines, with the restaurant really having found its place on the Helsinki restaurant scene.

Pastor serves dinner through Monday to Saturday and on Friday and Saturday nights there’s a DJ playing crispy beats after dinner, with the place smoothly transforming into a bar/lounge with fresh cocktails.

Scenic summer panorama of the Market Square (Kauppatori) at the Old Town pier in Helsinki, Finland



It’s an urban living room where you can eat, drink and hang out, and with many interesting design facts. It’s located in an old building in central Helsinki which housed the first co-ed school in Finland lead by Pastor Broberg, hence the name of the restaurant.

Much of the furniture has been custom made or is recycled, for example some of the chairs are old school chairs from Sweden which ties up nicely with the history of the building. The restaurant serves hot exotic flavors, but the interior is more minimalistic, trendy Scandinavian.



For two nights a collaboration menu of 8 courses will be presented with 4 dishes by Diego Muñoz and 4 dishes by Robert Von Bell, featuring a drinks menu with a Peruvian Pisco aperitif and quality wines paired with the food designed by sommelier Pekka Koiranen – the first sommelier in Finland.


 Above: The 8-course collaboration menu with Robert von Bell at Pastor. Below: Diego Muñoz in Copenhagen earlier this year.


Diego Muñoz’s style is known to be experimental, rebellious and intriguing during a world exploration where the Peruvian phenom consequently only bring 1% mise en place – homemade Peruvian pastes – with him, to otherwise cook his way through only local ingredients.

Come taste!



Who: Diego Muñoz and Robert Von Bell at Pastor, Helsinki.

When: October Thursday 6th and Friday 7th.

Where: Pastor, Erottajankatu 4, 00120 Helsinki.

Menu: 8-course collaboration tasting menu for 160 €.

Reservations: +358 40 0344700 or





Bon Vivant Communication is a culinary embassy representing star chefs and restaurants, chateaux and high-end wineries as well as working close together with various luxury hotels, gourmets festivals and bespoke concierges services.

The diplomacy speaks to a strong network of 500 journalists, bloggers and writers, as well as 2000+ luxury diners around the globe.

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