Modernist Star Chef from Buenos Aires, situated in Barcelona.

Architect of the genius menus at 41º Experience and Pakta. Independent, unconventional, globetrotting – on a mission, cooking the world.

Starting out at the tender age of 15 in his grandmother’s Argentinean kitchen, Sebastián Mazzola has since trekked the long road from the depths of South America to the high peaks of Spanish avant-garde cuisine, with detours as a road-kill cook in Patagonia and as banquet master in Florida.

He has cooked in the finest kitchens of Copenhagen and been a pasta prodigy in Playa del Carmen.

As it goes with the nature of a natural born globetrotter, Sebastián’s sights were to reach far and wide, enriching his skill set and his understanding of the edible world, with every stop in his moveable feast a new arrow in his culinary quiver. He learnt how the way in which people eat greatly varies.

Spanish, Danish, Italian, American, Mexican, Argentinean, Peruvian.

He’s seen and cooked it all.

But he never overstays his welcome. “Every time that I felt satisfied and happy about the work I had done, I felt an urge to move on and search for new paths; to get surprised once more. I was extremely fascinated to observe the many different ways we feed ourselves; in similar ways – but each place and country has its own characteristics which are connected directly to its surroundings.”

In 2006 he returned to his roots in Buenos Aires where he encountered the Argentinean grand master Martin Baquero, who provided a golden opportunity: a position at El Bulli in Spain, 5-time winner of “the World’s Best Restaurant”, where he, under the wings of Ferran and Albert Adriá, came to master their revolutionary cooking, as well as the everyday organization of this Catalonian temple.


Still in pursuit of perfection, he travelled to the Nordics which lead him to the “bonding rawness” of New Nordic Cuisine in esteemed kitchens such as Noma, home of René Redzepi; Bocuse d’Or Legend Rasmus Kofoed’s Geranium: and AOC – at the time, the domain of gourmet wizard Ronny Emborg.

He finally set his heart on Barcelona, entering Albert Adrià’s Tickets, quickly becoming the man behind the man, with a team of loyal troops at his command. 

 “He had never worked here and now’s he’s the boss,” said Albert Adrià to Roads & Kingdoms. “It’s animal law. The macho lion comes with all his hair and the rest shut up because he’s shown he’s the macho and he deserves respect. That’s Sebas.”

As a result of this Sebastián Mazzola, now 30, was, for three years, creative director of the booming Adrià-organization until January 2014 when he set out on his own quest for flourishing flavors.


New York Times bestselling food writer Matt Goulding adds:

“Sebastián is one of the most talented cooks on the planet. The reason being is that there is nothing that he can’t cook – from 32-component modernist masterpieces to heartbreaking barbecue smoked on a makeshift grate on the side of the Panamerican Highway. They don’t give Bocuse d’Or medals for his kind of talent because his kind of talent is impossible to measure.”

The insatiable character that is Sebastián Mazzola is however yet to be tied down to one location, and doing what he does, we really don’t think that he should. Think Moscow, think Mexico, think Mazzola – a hyper-talented amorphous cook, as comfortable working with pastry, as grilling caveman steaks, as cold-smoking sprouts with a vaporizer.

He is the culinary guerilla.



Sebastián Mazzola exclusively offers his gastronomic excellence for lectures, food festivals, consultancy, private dining and exclusive dinner parties.

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Nordic Landscape

Nordic Landscape: Toasted malt bread, salted and smoked beef carpaccio, smoked cream cheese, pickled shallot and red onions, chervil, dill and vinegar snow. Created in 2011 and inspired by time spent 2010 in Denmark.